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Why Should You Choose ReactJS for Web Application Development?

Why Should You Choose ReactJS for Web Application Development?

Many developers prefer web application development on JavaScript frameworks and several of them are used in building a web app, such as AngularJS development, NodeJS development, and ReactJS. Among all of these, ReactJS has been gaining tremendous popularity over the past few years. Many established companies like Apple and Netflix already began using this efficient framework in their software products. So working with a leading ReactJS web development company makes sense.

What is ReactJS?

Built and maintained by Facebook, ReactJS is a popular and effective JavaScript web app development framework that allows startups and companies to build secure, reliable, robust, and feature-rich applications with scalability. Not only does this framework process user interface in apps, but it is also SEO-friendly and compatible with heavy traffic.

There are numerous reasons why many businesses prefer ReactJS for building their web applications.

Let’s dig in.

  1. Outstanding Agility

Unlike other popular frameworks, ReactJS is small as it created on the concept of functions as well as components impeccably with other frameworks and libraries like JQuery.

It is important to know that the performance of an application should not be compromised when building a high volume app. One of the major issues previously was that even small changes at the top layer can have inadvertent ripple effects, which can easily crash the entire app. Using ReactJS has proven beneficial for the developers as they can leverage the virtual DOM (document object model) for making changes without having to worry about the wrecking of the application.

ReactJS is a highly effective framework that makes it possible to offer a great user experience, high app performance within the shortest possible time.

  1. Highly Efficient

Another benefit of using ReactJS is that any web application built using this framework is highly efficient. This is the reason why ReactJS is rapidly being recognized as one of the top web frameworks. In ReactJS web application development, the entire virtual DOM is upated every time you make a change. Furthermore, there are two versions of virtual DOM in the memory of ReactJS framework – one is the updated virtual DOM and the other one is the copy before the update.

Because there are two versions of virtual DOM, ReactJS can easily compare the elements for finding the changes. As the changes are evidently noticeable, the web framework can update parts of the real DOM without hassles.

Its look will probably make you feel that this process is tedious, time consuming, and complex. But this is not true. Updating and optimizing real DOM in building a web app using ReactJS takes less time. Hence, it boosts the overall website effectiveness.

  1. Cost Effective

When it comes to building a software application for your company, creating an in-house team can cost you an arm and a leg. That is the reason why most businesses prefer outsourcing their project to a professional web and mobile app development company. Doing so helps businesses save a great deal of money that’s spent while hiring a ReactJS developer and taking care of other miscellaneous expenses.

  1. A Wide Range of Toolset for Developers

Another great advantage of ReactJS that helps you select this unique platform is its user-friendliness. Its library comes replete with a toolset that enables developers to utilize wonderful and engaging features for apps. React Developer Tools and Redux Developer Tools are the two major tools provided by this efficient framework. Also, these tools can be installed as Chrome extensions.

Due to the React developer tool, developers find it easy to identify both components: father and child. It becomes easy for them to observe component hierarchies and scrutinize the current -state and props of the components. Using the Redux developer tool, on the other hand, allows developers to observe diverse dispatched actions, current store states and check changes in stores.

  1. Stability

ReactJS is essentially a stable core as it only makes use of downward data flow. The parent structure is not affected from changes in the child structure. So when ReactJS developers are looking to change an object, they only have to change the state, make modifications, and then proceed with updating. This structure ensures that the code is not only stable, but it also delivers a seamless application performance.

ReactJS helps in building wonderful Android web applications and supports code reusability. Since the data flows from a single point, employing this framework by a leading ReactJS web development company is extremely useful.

  1. Focus on Core Business Activities

One of the major reasons why ReactJS stands out among its competitors is because it allows project managers to focus their attention on their clients’ diverse business activities. The ReactJS developers can concentrate on business practices, such as marketing and strategizing. As well, this reliable framework promotes the usage of agile methodologies for web application development projects. And this makes it an ideal technology for your project.

  1. SEO-friendly Framework

SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) is a vital component for success for any business these days. For applications, lower page load times and quicker rendering speeds will rank the application higher on Google. Since ReactJS delivers quicker rendering than other frameworks available, it considerably lowers the load times of the page. It helps give a boost to the app ranking on major search engines.

Also, it can manage common search engine issues, such as failure to read JavaScript high volume applications, which is another great reason why hiring a trusted web and mobile app development company for building your app is a smart move. It is important to know that for any application, page loading time and rendering speed can make or break your website on the search engine.

Creating an SEO friendly website is of paramount importance for any developer. This is due to the fact that the majority of search engines cannot read JavaScript apps. ReactJS development service provides the most feasible solution for these issues.

One of the best things about ReactJS development is that your website becomes more readable in Google as well as other search engines. Also, it alleviates the heavy JavaScript problem with a view of making your website more SEO-friendly.

  1. Engaging User Interfaces

User interface is one of the major differentiators among various brands these days. There is no denying the fact that the customers can be lost due to a poor user interfaces. This is usually the case with web and mobile apps, and it is one of the primary reasons for success or failure.

If you are looking to create a popular application, considering working with a ReactJS developer for the front-end. They can help you create compatible and rich UIs (user interfaces) for the app to survive in the cut-throat competition. As well, it enables ReactJS developers to creating a top-notch quality user experience.

  1. Enhances Developers’ Productivity

The fact cannot be held for denial that frequent updates have become a major headache when an app possesses a complicated logic. Even a single change in one component can significantly influence the other components. That is the reason why Facebook has worked to intensify the ability of React known as component reusability feature.

In ReactJS, the component reusability feature essentially enables the developers to reuse as well as redeploy the same objects as many times as required. This is a basic procedure. For example, the developers can begin incorporating simple components, such as checkbox, button, and text fields.

  1. Strong Community Support

ReactJS has a very effective and strong support community so you can look forward to receiving quick, accurate, and feasible solutions. The massive community of developers gets the much-needed support from its open-source library, and programmers (or coders) from across the globe get assistance from the community and learn technology in various ways. Also, the community support encourages the new developers for using ReactJS without any hesitation. They are well aware of the fact that the community will help them out in case any issue occurs.

  1. Customization

When you choose to partner with a ReactJS web development company, you need to ensure that they are comfortable with JSX. It is an optional syntax extension that makes it possible to write required components as per diverse requirements of the application. JSX plays a very crucial role in creating high volume applications and it also helps convert HTML mockups into ReactElement trees.

  1. Always Up-to-date

Since the ReactJS framework is maintained by Facebook developers, the project has immensely benefited from their consistent support. The framework is thriving continuously due to the huge supporting community that’s always assisting users with solutions, suggestions, and recommendations.

These are some reasons why ReactJS is the best choice for your development project. No matter what your requirement, you can work with a reliable web and mobile app development company.

Who does not want their website to be created on the most excellent platform? For creatively building web applications, developers need a powerful platform that will work for coding. In web app development, this framework works as an architecture of tools, components, and app development utilities.

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