Our Leadership

No organization can achieve desired growth and success without a leadership that motivates and inspires the rest!  Meet our leaders.

Ram Garg

Ram Garg - Chief Executive Officer

Ram’s global outlook, strategic vision, and an unnerving passion towards excellence, coupled with an enthralling 25 years of progressive technical and mobile app entrepreneurship experience culminate in a rich set of credentials to his highly inspiring and motivating leadership. He drives infallible solutions that bridge the gap between information technology and conventional businesses. A thoughtful leader, he inspires and motivates budding entrepreneurs and startups aspiring for success in the domain. Under his motivating and positive leadership, the company has achieved many milestones of success and many more are yet to be achieved.

Eric Harris

Eric Harris - Consultant

Eric Harris, the consultant of appbiz360. He manages the equipment model so that it reaches the growth related goals and he helps generate revenue for the company. He has helped appbiz360 acquire projects. He creates the sales strategies, marketing campaigns, and manages the solutions portfolio. Before joining appbiz360, Eric was the Vice President for Business Development at Varros Telecom, a company providing consulting services for next-generation network management. Eric is a visionary who is adept at both the business as well as technical aspects of appbiz360. He is an expert when it comes to process-centric business development, management of finances, and the efficient use of technology for business systems. His areas of expertise include management scorecards, process improvement tools and techniques (BPM, Lean, Six Sigma), measurement systems and use of technology for process optimization.

Mike Tatachar

Mike Tatachar - Consultant

Mike Tatachar, the consultant of appbiz360, is a world-class visionary with more than 20 years of experience behind him in the telecom industry. Before joining appbiz360, Mike was a co-founder of Spatial Wireless and helped to develop the Wireless Soft Switch. Along with his cofounders, Mike sold this technology to Alcatel Lucent in the 2005 for $250 million. Over the past few years, Mike has taken on leadership roles in several telecom equipment companies including DSC and Alcatel Lucent. When it comes to the design and development of Wireless and Wireline Telecom products, Mike is well known as a global expert and his multiple several registered patents within the field of next-generation transmission and voice compression speak to this expertise. As consultant of appbiz360, Mike designs the strategies for operations with an emphasis on telecommunications.In addition, he administers testing services to telecom equipment providers. He will also focus on contributing software solutions to providers for services such as IMS, Mobility, and LTE (4G) as well as voice networks and VOIP.

Deepika Singhal

Deepika Singhal - Director Operations

Being an experienced office manager Deepika helps our business run like a well-oiled machine. Throughout her time with us, she has played an instrumental role in our tremendous growth and success. Being a key part of a management team, she is responsible for analyzing and improving the company’s process. Her day to day activities includes maintaining office systems & supervising staff, reviewing and approving supply requisitions ,and monitoring clerical functions. With rich experience as an office manager, Deepika comes up with innovative ideas of maintaining office efficiency by planning and implementing office systems, layouts, and equipment procurement. Additionally, she believes in supporting worker communication with the management team. As an office manager at appbiz360, Deepika takes command in building alliances and partnerships with other organizations as well. Having qualities like leadership & exceptional communication skills, she has proved to be a true gem for the organization.

Deepak Singhal

Deepak Singhal - Chief Financial Officer

A CA by profession, Deepak heads our finance department. As the Head of Finance, Deepak is responsible for financial reporting, coordinating and ensuring accuracy of monthly management accounts, producing timeous, accurate, and meaningful information, monitoring and analyze the variances between forecast, budget, and actual results, managing and monitoring cash flow, managing company capital expenditure, and taking care of other aspects of company’s finances. He also takes care of evaluating business strategies and plans for revenue generation, risk analysis, maximizing profitability, realizing organizational goals, management discussion, financial presentations, and managing finance functions including determining financial objectives, creating & implementing systems, procedures, and policies to facilitate internal financial controls.

Sunil Raghuvanshi

Sunil Raghuvanshi - Engineering Head

With extensive experience in software lifecycle management, covering MS, Open-Source, and mobile technologies, Sunil brings along extensive experience in web services, portal development, REST API, scripting. He has worked for a diverse range of industry verticals including retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, telecom, and automotive just to name a few. He has worked in every phase of the engineering encompassing plan, architecture, design, build, provision, testing, deployment, and maintenance & support. He is a Full-stack engineer, with profound knowledge of interaction design, web development, software engineering, infrastructure, and front-end engineering plus the project management expertise to pull it all together. His rich product experience enables him to ensure that our valued customers are happy with our work. In his vast and impressive career, Sunil has worked with startups, and small businesses to fortune 500 companies and in-between clients.

Sumit Jamwal

Sumit Jamwal - Sales Head

Experienced BD Manager, Sumit has a demonstrated history of catering to the IT and service industry. His amazing skills in negotiation, sales, management, market research, and business planning, plus a passionate, go-getter attitude in adapting & applying tried and tested strategic selling/business abilities help him achieve the desired sales goals of the organization. Sumit is responsible and accountable for generating and boosting revenue for the organization by aligning with the business strategy, creating & executing strategic business/sales plans, and promoting sales growth and customer satisfaction for the company.

Sandeep Yadav

Sandeep Yadav - Solution Architect

His valuable contribution has helped the organization meet the growing business needs. Sandeep brings to the table an amazing amalgamation of business and technical skills. He is an indispensable part of our development team and is responsible for leading multiple teams including Dev-ops, database, and the team that maintains & monitors Linux servers, etc. A competent developer, self-motivated leader, and dedicated team player, he is quick enough to fix even the biggest IT issues that emerge during any software, web development project.

Ayush Bhardwaj

Ayush Bhardwaj - Project Manager

From coordinating with clients to helping the in-house team members understand client requirements and work on them to unit testing, quality assurance, design reviews, code documentation, and getting client feedback and more, Ayush is always active and working towards achieving organizational goals. He is the ultimate point of contact whenever there is an ambiguity in project specification or whenever a resource is stuck in the middle of the task. His supportive and encouraging nature makes him a highly admired project manager among all employees.

Hemlata Rastogi

Hemlata Rastogi - HR Head

Outgoing communicator, Hemlata has a strong academic background in HR Management. Having spent 7+ years in the industry, she has mastered exceptional abilities to handle Human Resources in a highly professional manner and possesses an in-depth understanding of the significance of internal and external communication protocols. She is highly proficient in apprehending and analyzing information obtained through HR documents and other communications. She is profoundly capable when it comes to talent acquisition and ensuring employee retention. Other skills she brings to the table as the HR head include employee engagement, easy onboarding, employee induction activities, incentivization, etc.