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Native applications are built for a particular device & OS, which makes them exceptionally user-friendly for the users. These apps are highly responsive and optimized to the devices they are built for (iOS/ Android/ Windows). Native apps take full advantage of the latest app technologies, such as camera, accelerometer, compass, GPS, contacts, etc.

Native app development is all about building apps that run on a particular platform or device. Native apps for iOS are developed in Objective-C or Swift, whereas Kotlin or Java is used for coding native apps for Android. Since these apps are built for their specific platform/device, they make full use of the software and OS features of that device/platform. Native apps have direct access to the device hardware including the camera, GPS, microphone, etc. Hence, they run faster and deliver ultimate user-experience.

Our Expertise as a Native App Development Company in the USA

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA, appbiz360 has its development unit in India as well. From our offices in the USA and India, we cater to the web and mobile app development, design, testing, maintenance, and upgradation needs of our clients. Our clientele is spread across the USA, the UK, Germany, Australia, France, and other countries across Europe, UAE, and Asia. Our strong Python development expertise enables us to deliver an array of Python development services specifically tailored to fit your unique needs. When you work with us, you receive:

We develop apps that are scalable, responsive, and customizable depending on the fluctuating needs of your business in the current, dynamic marketplace. Our team of certified native app developers in India and the US office has delivered countless native app solutions to our global clientele, so far. Let’s help you build a secure, high-performing, flexible, and dependable native app for your business. Trust our 24/7 chat support for all your queries and concerns.

  • Cloud mobility solution
  • App prototyping & strategy
  • Enterprise app development.
  • App maintenance services
  • Full-stack mobile app development
  • Integration with existing enterprise service/data

Why Should You Hire Us as Your native app Development Company?

We aren’t here to boast about our expertise or the decade of experience we have in the industry. We’ll put it straight and just to the point. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA, appbiz360 has its development unit in India as well. From our offices in the USA and India, we cater to the web and mobile app development, design, testing, maintenance, and upgradation needs of our clients. Our happy and satisfied clients as located across the USA, the UK, Russia, Europe, UAE, Asia, and other parts of the world. Our strong development expertise enables us to deliver an array of native development services. Few reasons to hire us as your native development company in the USA include:

  • Custom app development from experts
  • Augmented business efficiency
  • Transparent and reasonable pricing
  • Expert coordination and collaboration
  • Diverse project portfolio
  • Outstanding post project delivery support

Count on us for iOS app development, Android app development, Windows App Development, Mobile apps integration, Native app enhancement, testing, and support & maintenance. We’ve already delivered several native apps for our clients from a diverse range of industry verticals encompassing real-estate, fashion, apparel, healthcare, sports, and more.

Having delivered so many native app projects, our team is confident enough to take up newer projects.

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Benefits of Native App Development

Among the key benefits of native app development, a few are discussed here for your reference:

  • Faster speed of operation
  • Smooth and flawless performance
  • Huge possibilities of great UX and UI
  • Easy navigation and quick loading
  • Better integration of device hardware

Pros and Cons of Native App Development

Like any other technology, language, or platform we take up, native app development also has some pros and cons associated with it. Let’s have a quick look at the pros first:

  • Fast and responsive
  • High level of performance
  • Secure & reliable data protection
  • More Intuitive and interactive
  • Have fewer bugs in development
  • Developers can access the full features of the device
  • Easily searchable on app stores by users
  • Enable faster access to potential audiences

The biggest advantage of native apps is that they can tap into the functionality, like the camera, motion sensor, calendar, GPS, microphone, figure print sensors, etc., of any kind of devices. As a result, the native app’s accessibility is quite high.

No technology, framework, or device is just about the pros, each has some cons also associated with it. Hence, it is important to discuss the cons as well so you can compare the pros and cons to decide better.

Some of the cons of native apps include:

  • Development time is longer
  • Costs higher due to the longer development cycle
  • Maintenance and support is difficult because of the different versions of the app for different devices

Custom Native App Solutions We Offer

As a premium mobile app development company with an enthralling track record and a glorious history of 10+ years, we understand the importance of high-quality mobile app development. An app can do wonders for your business if designed and developed with precision and the results may be otherwise if the causal approach is followed. We focus on effective user-experience and follow agile development strategies to deliver an array of cutting-edge web and mobile application development solutions including:

Our Achievements as Python Development Specialists:

If we go by the numbers, here’s a quick overview of the stats representing our achievements as a premium app development company:






Project Done





iOS app development

In stark contrast to Android users, iOS users have higher brand loyalty. An iOS app, therefore, is more rewarding for your business. And you can count on us for developing iOS apps from the scratch, porting your existing Android app to iOS, and app maintenance or upgradation. We use Objective-C and Swift for coding these apps.

Android app development

Android is certainly the most popular OS and the number of Android users continues to increase day-by-day. You would surely want to tap this huge user-base. We build Android apps for devices using Kotlin and Java programming languages as well as the development tools & guidelines of Google.

React Native app development

We develop cross-platform mobile apps that run equally smoothly on both Android and iOS – from a single codebase. The code that is written in React Native is OS–agnostic, still, the most apps that are written in React feel and behave just like Java or Swift powered native apps. Using React Native accelerates the development of a mobile app for Android and iOS.

AR app development

Augmented reality (AR) offers an ocean of possibilities for increasing customer engagement – and not just for the sake of entertainment. We craft AR apps that are context-aware and make use of location data for improving the usefulness of travel, retail, and other apps.

Our Native Mobile App Development Services

At appbiz360, we offer the following Native app development services:


Custom App Development

We build apps to match your custom requirements.


Native App Designing

We build apps that deliver rich user experience.


App Upgradation

We can upgrade your app to other platforms with no effect on design elements.


App Migration

Whether you need to migrate your app to iOS, Android or Windows, we can help.


App Deployment

So far, we’ve deployed hundreds of apps on App Store and Play Store.


Support & Maintenance

Our services don’t end at development and deployment, rather they stretch far beyond that.

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Native Apps We Build

We offer complete Native app development services to suit varying business needs and specifications of clients from a diverse range of industry verticals.

mCommerce Apps

mCommerce Apps

Boost sales of your ecommerce business with engaging and intuitive mCommerce apps.

eLearning and Training Apps

Line-of-business Apps

Increase customer loyalty & visibility to your customers, build brand recognition and earn more profits with line of business apps.

Web Portals

Utility Mobile Apps

Make bill payment, order placement, and other utilities, you offer, easily accessible to your targeted audiences with user-friendly, fast, and innovative apps.

Social Networks

Apps for Wearables

This is the era of wearable devices and you can gain immensely by having an app for wearables to showcase your brand/ business and stay connected to your customers 24x7.

Business Integration

Mobile Games

Do you have a mobile game idea? Let’s convert it into a pleasant reality for you!

Apps for Wearables

Media Streaming Apps

Let your viewers quickly stream your videos with the help of intuitive and user-friendly media streaming apps.

Business Integration

eLearning & Training Apps

eLearning apps are excellent for enhancing parent teacher communication, making learning fun and easy, and reducing communication gaps between instructor and learner

Apps for Wearables

Social Networking Apps

In this era of social networking, you can get closer to success if you have a social networking app for your business.

Why You Need Native Mobile Application?

  • 80% Internet users access the web via phone
  • Users spend 90% of their time exploring the apps
  • Mobile accounts for 35% of all retail eCommerce
  • Conversion rate of app users is 3x higher than web users
  • More products in apps than on mobile web.
  • Users convert to purchase 3 times more often in-app than on web.
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Why Should You Hire appbiz360 for Native App Development?

Longstanding reputation and outstanding track record

We’ve built and successfully delivered hundreds of intuitive native apps that engage users and generate greater ROI.

Flexible Engagement Model

We follow a well-defined and clear process, shortened debug cycle for flushing out issues detected during testing.

Team of competent and experienced developers

At appbiz360, we employ the latest testing tools to ensure outstanding quality, cost effective and value added services that meet unique requirements of our esteemed clients.

Agile Development Methodology

Right from concept and design to development and deployment, our unique app strategy ensures quick app development.

Peace of Mind

Mobile apps are constantly evolving and, through focused approach, we strive to work up to the expectations of our global clients.