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Save your iOS app development costs by up to 60%. Hire iOS developers on full-time or hourly basis with appbiz360 and build highly interactive, feature-rich, secure, and user-friendly iPhone apps bearing your business needs in mind. Our full-stack iOS app development services are geared towards helping businesses like yours achieve a competitive advantage. We cater to the unique iOS app development needs of a diverse range of industry verticals. If you want to build powerful iOS apps that deliver great user experience, we recommend you to hire iOS developers with us. Here’s some useful information to help you make a better decision in this regard.

iOS app developer roles and responsibilities

While many misunderstand the roles and responsibilities of an iOS developer, the truth is their profile includes more than just coding. They are an integral part of every stage of development – right from app concept planning and designing (which includes building user interface, wireframing, etc.) to testing and deploying the app to the App Store. The developer, in short, turns your app vision into a reality, which is not an easy job at all.

When looking to hire iOS developers, one thing that is most important and that requires your attention is the design awareness. Make sure the iOS developer you choose understands the value of a good design and ensures to keep the design elements intact (or at the most improve it, if they can). Experience in UI/UX development and sound knowledge of Swift and other iOS development languages will be the other key points to consider when you hire iOS developers.

Junior, middle, and senior iOS developers

The versatility and competency of developers depends hugely on their work experience, number of projects done, and the level of complexity and diversity of each technical issues they have solved or can solve. Depending on the experience, skills, and capabilities the programmers/developers are considered junior, mid-level, and senior.

The junior iOS developer is the entry level programmer in most companies that work as a team member of their experienced colleagues to learn new skills and improve their coding practices. Their level upgrades after some years of experience on different – simple to complex projects.

Middle or mid-level iOS app developers are those who have successfully undertaken several complex iOS projects. This is an advanced level of programming and the developers are no longer considered novice or junior. They have the liberty to add to the quality and performance utilizing their skills and unique abilities.

Senior iOS app developers, on the other hand, are experienced and highly sought-after mainly because of the fact that they’ve worked on tons of apps and codes. When it is about quality, experience does matter. Typically, senior developers don’t just code and craft the app, but they are also involved in testing, API integration, and enhancing the security of the apps.

Depending on the level of complexity, user experience, and overall performance of the app you are planning to build, you can choose an iOS developer – someone at a junior level, mid-level, or senior. Another big factor that would probably influence your decision in this regard is your budget as salaries vary across experiences and versatility that these fellows bring along.

When should you hire a freelance iOS developer?

Several global platforms have made it easier than ever to outsource iOS app development to freelancers in other countries and outside your office at the most reasonable cost. The best part is many of these freelancers bring along extensive experience and great skills in the domain, which makes it a good deal to hire a freelance iOS developer rather than having one in-house. But, you may like this idea for short-term and small projects. When it comes to long-term cooperation, freelancing isn’t as recommended as full-time developers at hand.

Probably, you should consider hiring a freelancer to complete a project that has set time frames and requirements. It is a good idea to hire a freelance iOS developer to add some features to your existing app/ready-made app or for bug fixing purposes.

When should I have an in-house iOS app development team?

Most startups and low to mid-sized companies would do better with outsourcing app development and consider having an in-house team of developers only when they consider it is viable. When does viability mean? Your startup idea becomes viable only when the product you launched to the market starts getting some good responses and interest from investors and/or users. It indicates the possibilities of your business success and huge chances of monetization that results in great profits in the future.

Hence, you can hire dedicated iOS app developers, testers, QA experts, and other staff members in-house. It certainly is not a great strategy that fits all startups but still a useful option. For mid-sized companies, however, hiring full-time in-house resources for iOS app development is a better option, especially if they need to work on projects/products requiring complex business logic and, thus, constant cooperation and coordination between different departments and developers.

The advantages of having an in-house team of developers include 24/7 access to the developers, ease of coordination, improved knowledge of the project as the developers are fully dedicated to your projects only. However, there are some disadvantages also that come with this option and they include monthly payroll, overheads, costs incurred on resource hiring, training, and management, and other expenses.

When should you consider hiring an outsourcing company?

Hiring IT outsourcing companies is the best bet for the startups and businesses looking for a faster and cost-effect way to have their iOS apps developed. You have two options when you choose to hire an outsourcing company for the job and they include:

  • Hire iOS developer(s) and pay on an hourly basis. When you hire a developer on an hourly basis, you are responsible for taking care of managing that developer or team of developers. This means you will have to train and guide the developer in case there is any issue in the project and others take care of other management aspects besides, of course, managing their payrolls.
  • You hire the outsourcing firm and share your iOS app development requirements with them and from there they take all your stresses away. All you will be required to do is pay them on a project basis and rest they will manage. This approach has no headaches and hassles for you.

What are the factors you must consider when hiring an iOS developer?

There are many other things than what we just discussed above when you are out there to hire iOS developer(s) for your project. Here they are:


Makes a big difference – It’s the most vital factor when you are looking for high-end IT solutions that deliver results. As already covered, you can choose from the developers (based on their levels – from junior and mid-level to senior). Developers with full-on experience may cost a bit more than those at junior or middle level, but the outcome justifies the fee charged. When we talk about the experience of a developer, it is important to note that merely spending years in the industry doesn’t mean experience – rather it is the number of projects the developer has successfully completed.


To be able to gain expertise in app development and deliver desired outcomes, the developer you choose should have expertise and exposure to working on projects related to your industry. For example, if you want a food delivery app to be built, a developer who has already built such an app will be an added advantage for your purpose.


Take a look at the portfolio of the developers you may potentially hire for your job and see for yourself. The projects the developer has completed speak louder than what he/she might boast of. So this is an important element that would help you choose the right developer and decide better.


Make sure the iOS app developer or development company you intend to hire is easily accessible. This is especially important if you plan to hire someone from another country or continent altogether. Communication is important to keep things clear.

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Make your iOS developer requirements clear

Much before having someone on-board to take up your app development project, it is important that you consider your project requirements well. Prepare a detailed note of your exact project requirements and specifications before you approach a developer for the job. To get the best out of your app development team, make sure you communicate your project requirements well. Write what you want from the app – like its look & feel, performance, functionalities, etc. Make sure you set up your short-term as well as long-term goals well in advance. Once you know your goals, it will be easier to set the direction for app development.

Now, the most important thing is to explain the desired functionalities and features you want in your app to the developer(s) who would be actually working on your app development project. The better you explain, the better would be the outcome. Last but not the least, make sure you convey your priorities at the beginning itself. This will help your developer(s) strategize accordingly and in your best interest.

What is the estimated cost of hiring an iOS developer?

The cost would largely depend on the country your developer(s) belong(s) to and the level of experience, expertise, and skills the developer(s) bring(s) along. While hiring a North American, Australian, West European developer may cost you quite high, Asia is quite cost-effective. But if proximity, ease of access, cultural barriers, language issues, and some other factors are considered, it is a good idea to hire app iOS developers in your native country where you have your business as well.

Reasons to hire iOS developers at appbiz360

Headquartered in the USA, appbiz360 is a highly sought-after, premium app development with a huge and competent team of skilled iOS app developers. We’ve taken up and successfully completed hundreds of iOS app development projects. Among the top reasons to hire us few include:

What to Expect from Our iOS App Development Services?

As a leading app development company with 12+ years of outstanding performance and great track record, we take pride in being the choicest app development partner for most of our repeated clients across the USA, UK, Australia, Russia, Asia, and other parts of the world. Hiring our iOS app development services mean:

  • Great user experience
  • Smooth operations
  • Improved user base
  • Outstanding app performance
  • Augmented ROI and profitability
  • Minimum turnaround time

Our expertise in iOS App Development

We have a team of iOS app developers with proven expertise in Swift 3.0 programming language, Apple's Xcode IDE, Design Guidelines, Spatial Reasoning, UI/UX design experience, and more. We ensure to work in accordance with the Apple Human Interface Guidelines so you get the app that is quickly accepted by the App Store.

Please feel free to call us or chat with our support staff to discuss your iOS app development requirement or hire iOS app developer with us.

Custom solutions


Hire iPhone app developers and employ at our state of the art development center. We keep you in updated with on-time reporting & advanced communication channels.

Custom solutions


Want to get tech support? Employ iPhone / iOS app developers at your office and get the benefits of a full-time human resource without any overhead costs.

Custom solutions


Get the best in terms of control and flexibility. You can get a free consultation & project management team at your destination, and let all the implementation work done by your team at our center.

appbiz360 Hiring Model

Fixed Price (for Startups)

This model is perfect for projects when it is possible to evaluate the cost & time of development. Our experts carefully analyze your project idea and give you quote. After approval, you start working with resource.

Dedicated Hiring (for Enterprises)

This model is suitable for projects with little scope of addition on-the-go. Hire your iOS app developer and let him work for you, dedicatedly. This is suited for startups and mid-sized businesses.

Hourly Basis (for Sole Entrepreneurs)

This is suitable for ongoing projects and those projects having extensive scope of additions. You can hire your resource and pay-as-you-go. It is most suitable for large projects & entrepreneurs who need support of expert.

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Our iOS App Development Services

Hire iPhone / iOS app developers for and get secure, scalable, feature packed and high performing iPhone / iOS applications at pocket friendly prices.

Custom Python rapid app development

Custom iPhone App Development

Get high performing and scalable enterprise oriented custom iPhone / iOS app development solutions as per the specific needs and requirements of your business.

Python Rapid App Designing

iOS App Upgradation Services

Do you want to add latest features in your app or upgrade your app to its latest version? We are always ready to help you with our app development team.

Python Rapid App Upgradation Services

iOS App Consulting Services

If you want to migrate your app from one platform to other, feel free to contact us and our app developers will be ready to help you.

Python Rapid App Consulting Services

iOS App Support & Maintenance

In addition to the iPhone / iOS App development services, we are also proficient in providing round the clock iPhone / iOS app development support & maintenance to clients.

Python App Support & Maintenance

App Deployment

When you choose appbiz360 as your preferred app development partner, you need to worry about the deployment of app in the app store.

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Our Achievements as Python Development Specialists:

If we go by the numbers, here’s a quick overview of the stats representing our achievements as a premium app development company:






Project Done





Types of iOS Apps We Develop

We are one of the best iPhone / iOS app development companies in Dallas & India, and provide full cycle iPhone / iOS applications development services covering a wide array of business verticals to meet variegated needs of customers.

mCommerce Apps

mCommerce Apps

Our years of domain expertise in app development help us to make feature rich mCommerce apps that enable businesses to sell products for storefront or webtail operations.

eLearning and Training Apps

Line-of-Business iOS Applications

We also help boost profit of small, medium businesses as well as enterprises by supporting existing applications with new tailored, feature-packed iPhone / iOS apps.

Web Portals

Utility Mobile Apps

We have created 100+ utility apps till yet that help various devices reach their greatest potential and make everyday tasks of people quite easy and manageable.

Social Networks

iOS Mobile Games

We also develop exciting, memorable, graphic rich iPhone / iOS-based games that are acknowledged for complex game mechanics and realistic physics.

Business Integration

Media Streaming Apps

Our team of expert iPhone developers has developed many media streaming mobile apps to stream video content to bigger screens or retrieve an audio stream from cloud.

Apps for Wearables

Apps for Wearables

Our created handheld iOS apps provide actionable crucial information with the notifications synced to wearables, or apps that run on them.

Social Networks

eLearning and Training Apps

Our customers can also avail from us eLearning and online training applications that are highly acknowledged in the app market for their user friendliness and clear graphics.

Business Integration

Social Networking Apps

Our social media iPhone apps development team can fulfill users' specific and custom need for effective communication along with user-friendly and interactive interface.

Apps for Wearables

Augmented Reality Apps

We always keep ourselves updated with latest technologies that’s why we have developed a wide gamut of augmented reality iPhone / iOS mobile apps for Games, Retail, Education, etc.

Hire Dedicated iPhone / iOS Developers in 5 Easy Steps

You can easily integrate our iPhone / iOS web developers with your in-house team or they can work as an extension of your business.



You post your project requirement to hire skilled & dedicated iPhone / iOS developers.



Our business analysts carefully evaluate project scope & perform feasibility check and recommend dedicated iPhone / iOS project manager suitable for your business domain.



Our project manager gets in touch with you regularly and help you in selecting the best iPhone / iOS development team as per your requirement from our pool of dedicated resources.

Project Execution

Project Execution

In supervision of project manager, your dedicated designers, developers and quality analysts follows agile development process and work side-by-side to achieve the project aims.

Sprint Base Project Delivery

Sprint Base Project Delivery

Our project manager takes your feedback on each stage of development and apply it in the project to meet the your expectations in the best possible manner.