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Hire freelance app developers if you want to save your time, effort, and money on the mobile app, websites, web app, software, and other web and mobile solutions. Hiring full-time app developers could leave you with little savings and a stressful routine of managing, training, providing them with the required resources (such as computers, lighting, chairs, tables, tea, coffee, and other expenses), paying salaries every month, and appraisals. But when you hire freelance app developer, you don’t need to do all this – no hassle, no overheads! In fact, startups, small businesses, or enterprises with limited budgets can benefit a lot by hiring freelance app developers instead of full-time resources.

Freelance App Developer Roles and Responsibilities

When you hire freelance app developer(s) for your project, you should expect him/her to assume various roles and responsibilities – from supporting the app’s lifecycle (which includes conceptualization, design, test, release, and maintenance), gather your specifications and suggest suitable solutions, write UI and unit tests for identifying malfunctions, to producing fully-functional app writing neat and clean code, and debugging and troubleshooting the app to optimize performance.

Junior, middle, and senior Freelance app developers

While there is no junior, mid-level, or senior freelance app developer as such because you hire each professional individual and there is no hierarchy as such, we can still categorize them considering their experience, knowledge, and expertise.

Junior Freelance App DeveloperYou may call someone a junior freelance app developer if the person has been freelancing just to learn to code and work on live projects. The person may have 1-2 years of experience and may offer you the lowest costs for creating your mobile or web app as per your requirements and specifications. But probably you wouldn’t be able to rely on a freelancer at this level because of the lack of expertise and experience of working on live projects like yours.

Middle Freelance App DeveloperHire middle freelance app developer if you are planning the person to work on a long project that requires competency, skills, and knowledge as well as the commitment to continue working for you till the time you need him/her for your project.

Senior Freelance App DeveloperWe can consider a freelance developer senior if he/she has worked on several complex projects in his/her career of 3-5+ years. You should hire a senior freelance app developer if you can pay a little bit more for the high-quality app and other web solutions you need. An experienced freelancer, with extensive knowledge of the latest technologies, frameworks, and programming languages plus rich exposure to working on live projects similar to yours, will be your best bet as you can leverage from the expertise and experience the person has in the industry.

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When should you hire a freelance App Developer?

When you choose to employ full-time/part-time in-house app developers, you may have to bear all the necessary costs associated with their employment. But, when you hire freelance app developers at appbiz360, you get multiple benefits including:

Cost advantageYou get cost-benefit as you pay only for the work done and the hours consumed and there is no need to think about holidays or any perks except the payment for the work that you get from your freelance app development team.

One point of contactThere is no need to follow a vast channel or hierarchy of people to communicate your message to the developers. You can directly talk to the freelancer about for your app development work.

Quick turnaround and great qualitySince your freelancer will be fully dedicated to your job, you can expect quick delivery of your app and great quality as well. Hiring freelance app developers can introduce innovation to your app.

Minimal riskThere is the least risk because even if the freelancer leaves the job midway, you can hire another freelancer quickly. Furthermore, no freelancer would leave your job without completing it.

Other advantages include little need for supervision, great flexibility, etc.

When to form an in-house development team?

You should consider forming an in-house team of developers, if and only if you want to employ the team on multiple projects and you have ample funds to manage them – their salaries, sitting costs, etc. Otherwise, go for a freelance app developer and save!

Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Freelance App Developer

Hire Xamarin app developers for and get secure, scalable, feature packed and high performing Xamarin applications at pocket friendly prices.


When you hire a freelancer app developer for your project, make sure you hire someone with adequate experience in the domain.


A freelancer with commendable knowledge of the latest technologies, frameworks, and programming languages can certainly do wonders for your app business.


Check if the freelancer you plan to hire has ever worked on a project similar to yours? If yes, don’t wait! Just hire a freelance app developer who has completed and delivered apps, portals, and web solutions as you expect him/her to craft for your business.

Projects Done

No matter how experienced the freelancer boasts of being, you must know the projects he/she has successfully completed to be able to judge and decide better. So, inquire!

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Set up your Freelance app developer requirements

When you hire a freelance app developer for your projects, make sure you prepare a detailed note of your custom requirements and specifications and share these with the freelancer before he/she begins working on your project. The clearer and precise you are in your specifications about your project, the better will be the outcome for you. Hence, keep it clear-cut and straight to the point!

What is the Cost of Hiring a Freelance App Developer?

Depending on the expertise, experience, and skills, you can expect the freelancers to charge you $8-$10/ hour for low to the moderate quality app. But if you are looking for moderate to high-quality app development, you can hire freelance app developers at $15-$30/hour. However, this is just the estimated cost. To get the exact figure, you need to speak with the expert freelancers.

Reasons to hire Freelance app developers at appbiz360

Some of the reasons you should hire freelance app developers at appbiz360 are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Value for money
  • Highly experienced
  • Skilled and competent
  • Minimum turnaround time
  • High-quality apps at most reasonable costs
  • Faster development and minimum time to market

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What to Expect from Our Freelance App Development Services?

When you hire our freelance app development services, you can rest assured for we have already worked on countless projects, so far. Our freelance app developers bring to the table extensive knowledge, years of experience, and vast exposure to creating native apps, Android apps, iOS apps, and hybrid apps using Angular, AngularJS, ReactJS, Xamarin, Web & Full Stack, PHP, Python, and others. So, you pay less and get more in terms of quality, creativity, and app performance when you choose our freelance app development services.

Our Expertise in Freelance App Development

Our expertise in freelance app development spans across Python, PHP, Xamarin, ReactJS, Angular, etc. Our team of freelancers can be relied upon for your complete project – right from conceptualization, design, development, and testing to maintenance and more.