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If you want to build an app that performs seamlessly across platforms, then you must hire Xamarin developer as a top priority. But before you do that, let’s have a quick overview of Xamarin – a cross-platform native app development framework, which is a delight of developers because of the compelling benefits it offers in developing apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and other platforms. Xamarin allows developers to write the app in C# and port the existing code to iOS. It also helps in the development of your app’s UI using the MVC or MVVVM patterns. You can decide which part of the app will make use of native user interface elements of iOS/Windows/Mac/Xamarin platforms and use it as a guideline for splitting your app into two components – UI and Core. Other important benefits that Xamarin offers include fewer developer hours are required for coding anything, Xamarin offers code that works on different platforms, it is based on C#, offers flawless UI, supports multiple libraries, works on Windows & Mac, and offers effective online applications. To help you hire Xamarin developer who understands your business goals and requirements, it is important for you to know what all roles and responsibilities a Xamarin developer assumes?

Roles & Responsibilities of Xamarin Developer

When you hire Xamarin developer for building your app or upgrading and modifying an existing one, the following roles & responsibilities you can expect your developer to shoulder.

  • Deliver cross-platform, fully functional, a high-performing app built following the highest quality standards.
  • Analyze the requirements, design the wireframe, and implement & integrate the new or existing solutions’ functional requirements.
  • Works in close coordination with business analysts, graphics & UI/UX designers, and other team members to work in accordance with the organizational/project objectives.
  • Producing clear specifications and high quality, efficient code.
  • Testing the product in real, controlled situations before making it live.
  • Prepare training manuals for end-users.
  • Maintaining the solutions once they’re live.
  • Coordinate and communicate with the client when needed.
  • Provide daily reporting about the project’s progress.

Junior, Middle, and Senior Xamarin Developers

When you hire Xamarin developer for building your app or upgrading and modifying an existing one, the following roles & responsibilities you can expect your developer to shoulder

Junior Xamarin DevelopersWhen you hire junior Xamarin developer for your project, please note that the developer at junior level is someone with 0-2 years of experience in the domain. A junior developer cannot be expected to do complex things. He/she works on writing and maintaining code for the apps. A developer at a junior position or entry-level position can begin with smaller projects and then gradually move to larger projects as he/she improves the skills.

Middle Xamarin DeveloperAs it is with any other framework or technology, a middle Xamarin developer is someone with 2-3 years of experience in the industry. More than just the experience of being there, what counts here is the number of projects the developer has done, specifically in Xamarin. Working on multiple projects adds to the expertise, skills, and overall competency of the developer. When you hire mid-level Xamarin developer, you can expect him/her to work on challenging projects in coordination with junior team members and under the guidance of senior Xamarin developer.

Senior Xamarin DeveloperSenior developers are usually busy with supervising projects and guiding or mentoring the next developer crop. Having 4-5+ years of experience in the industry, the senior is a quite competent and confident lot. You can rely on them completely for your Xamarin project – right from taking note of your custom specifications to dividing the tasks among developers and designers at different levels (bearing their expertise in mind), working on the complex aspects themselves, and ensuring thorough testing of the product before delivering it to you. Again, by experience, it doesn’t just mean the number of years spent in the industry rather it is about the types of similar projects (similar to what you are looking for) the developer has successfully completed and delivered in all these years.

When should you hire a freelance Xamarin developer?

You should hire a freelance Xamarin developer if you have a small or short-term project requirement that doesn’t require frequent or constant coordination with other team members and staff in other departments of your office. This might be a good option for smaller firms and startups that have little budget for development but they want their Xamarin app developed by the experts. You can easily find the expert Xamarin developers who have extensive experience but chose to work independently as freelancers just to avoid office pressure and regular working hours. If you happen to come across such a gem for your business, the investment is going to be worth it for sure. But one big issue that most businesses face when they hire freelance Xamarin developers or developers for any other technology, as a matter of fact, is the availability for these professionals for long-term projects. You need enough patience to deal with freelance developers and outstanding expertise to communicate your exact requirements and specifications, so you get what you pay for.

When should I have an in-house Xamarin app development team?

Consider having an in-house Xamarin app development team if you know that your project requires constant coordination between your developer and other staff members. Having an in-house Xamarin app development team is especially beneficial for custom projects that take months and years to complete as that would help you get the product designed to the best of your expectations and requirements. But the cost of having an in-house Xamarin app development team deters most startups and small-mid-sized businesses from the idea of having an in-house team in place. Also, you should not consider having an in-house team of Xamarin developers unless your business idea or project becomes minimally viable. A minimally viable product (MVP) is a product version that has enough features to meet and satisfy early users/customers and provide feedback for product development in the future.

When should you consider hiring an outsourcing company?

Due to the many benefits associate with hiring an outsourcing company, most businesses (startups as well as small businesses) consider hiring another company to take charge of their project. The biggest advantage of hiring an outsourcing company for Xamarin project is that you don’t need to hire individual resources, train them, manage their payrolls, and worry about their employee satisfaction. Furthermore, you don’t even need to invest in the resources (light, computers, technology, etc.) to get the developers working – all that is managed by the outsourcing companies.

You have two options when it comes to hiring an outsourcing company for Xamarin development such as:

Hire a Xamarin developer on an hourly basis – when you hire a dedicated Xamarin developer on an hourly basis, you will be charged as per the developers per hour cost. This may eventually have an expectedly big impact on your overall billing. You may end up paying more than you thought. Also, the stress of managing that resource will be on you.

Hire a Xamarin developer/team on a project basis – giving out the task to a team of professionals at your offshore partner will save you from the hassles involved in the process of hiring, training, guiding, and maintain the resources. Your Xamarin outsourcing company will take care of it all on your behalf.

What are the factors you must consider when hiring a Xamarin developer?

Some of the key factors that would require your consideration when you decide to hire a Xamarin developer for your project include:


Developers add only their best work to their portfolio. Therefore, portfolios serve as the best guide to help you hire a Xamarin developer who can handle your project well. It gives you a glimpse of his/her past work, achievements, and projects while enabling you to portray an image of his/her skills and eligibility for your specific project.


Xamarin works on the principle of Work Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) as it lets you create a reusable single-code across various platforms using Objective-C and C#. When you hire a Xamarin developer, make sure he/she has the expertise in Xamarin and other programming languages as well.

Detailed project discussion

An important criterion that will help you hire a Xamarin developer who can meet your expectations is his/her curiosity about your project. A capable developer should ask everything concerning your project. Knowing your project goals and expectations beforehand will help him/her deliver the desired solution/product.


Another big consideration when you decide to hire a Xamarin development company is your own budget. You have many options but not all can be feasible for your purpose. Always think twice before you roll the dice and make a decision about hiring a Xamarin developer.

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Make your Xamarin developer requirements clear

Before you hire a Xamarin developer for your project, remember you need to make your own requirements clear to the developer. What features and functionalities you want in your product? What are your expectations about the user interface and user experience? What are the areas you want the developer to focus on strongly? Several other similar questions are there that you should ask yourself before you decide to hire a Xamarin developer in the USA or elsewhere.

What is the estimated cost of hiring a Xamarin developer?

The cost of hiring a Xamarin developer depends largely on your project requirement and the per hour cost of the developer you choose. To get the estimated price of the project, you need to know the hours it would take to build your app and then multiply it with the per hour cost of the developer you intend to hire for the job.

Reasons to hire Xamarin developers at appbiz360

We are a US-based IT company with 12+ years of a strong presence in the industry. Having worked on several Xamarin projects and hundreds of other web and mobile projects, our team of developers has gained immense exposure, skills, and expertise in turning the visions of our valued clients into a reality – all through coding, designing, and other technical support. Other reasons why you should hire Xamarin developers at appbiz360 include:

The appbiz360 toolkit comprises of a suite of SDKs – fimo360 and engager360

While fimo360 can help you keep app performance and security issues under control, engager360 is the tool you need to keep your potential/existing customers engaged.

What to Expect from Our Xamarin App Development Services?

  • Rich UI/UX
  • High-performing apps
  • Smooth operation
  • Boosted profitability
  • Minimum turnaround time
  • Free initial testing

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Our expertise in Xamarin App Development

Our expertise in Xamarin app development lies in the number of projects and the quality of code we’ve delivered so far. Our team of Xamarin developers comprises of go-getters and achievers with a creative and highly-technical bent of mind. They know how to shape a Xamarin powered solution that meets and exceeds your best of expectations. Our expertise in the domain encompasses ASP.NET and C# proficiency, Xamarin studio & visual studio, code reusability across multiple platforms, API and III-party libraries, etc. To hire Xamarin developers at appbiz360, please feel free to call us or drop your query right here and we’ll share a no-obligation quote for your project.

Custom solutions


Hire Xamarin hybrid app developers and employ at our state of the art development center. We keep you in updated with on-time reporting & advanced communication channels.

Custom solutions


Want to get tech support? Employ Xamarin app developers at your office and get the benefits of a full-time human resource without any overhead costs.

Custom solutions


Get the best in terms of control and flexibility. You can get a free consultation & project management team at your destination, and let all the implementation work done by your team at our center.

appbiz360 Hiring Model

Fixed Price (for Startups)

This model is perfect for projects when it is possible to evaluate the cost & time of development. Our experts carefully analyze your project idea and give you quote. After approval, you start working with resource.

Dedicated Hiring (for Enterprises)

This model is suitable for projects with little scope of addition on-the-go. Hire your Xamarin app developer and let him work for you, dedicatedly. This is suited for startups and mid-sized businesses.

Hourly Basis (for Sole Entrepreneurs)

This is suitable for ongoing projects and those projects having extensive scope of additions. You can hire your resource and pay-as-you-go. It is most suitable for large projects & entrepreneurs who need support of expert.

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Our Custom Xamarin App Development Services

Hire Xamarin app developers for and get secure, scalable, feature packed and high performing Xamarin applications at pocket friendly prices.

Custom Python rapid app development

Custom Xamarin App Development

Get high performing and scalable enterprise oriented custom iPhone / iOS app development solutions as per the specific needs and requirements of your business.

Python Rapid App Designing

Xamarin App Designing

Our UI/UX designers have rich domain expertise in designing eye-catchy and creative design for your mobile app as per your requirements.

Python Rapid App Upgradation Services

Xamarin App Upgradation Services

Do you want to add latest features in your app or upgrade your app to its latest version? We are always ready to help you with our app development team.

Python Rapid App Consulting Services

Xamarin App Consulting Services

If you want to migrate your app from one platform to other, feel free to contact us and our app developers will be ready to help you.

Python App Support & Maintenance

Xamarin App Support & Maintenance

In addition to the Xamarin App development services, we are also proficient in providing round the clock Xamarin app development support & maintenance to clients.

Python App Support & Maintenance

App Deployment

When you choose appbiz360 as your preferred app development partner, you need to worry about the deployment of app in the app store.

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Our Achievements as Python Development Specialists:

If we go by the numbers, here’s a quick overview of the stats representing our achievements as a premium app development company:






Project Done





Types of Xamarin App We Develop

We are one of the best Xamarin app development companies in Dallas & India, and provide full cycle Xamarin applications development services covering a wide array of business verticals to meet variegated needs of customers.

mCommerce Apps

mCommerce Apps

Our years of domain expertise in app development help us to make feature rich mCommerce apps that enable businesses to sell products for storefront or webtail operations.

eLearning and Training Apps

Line-of-Business Xamarin Applications

We also help boost profit of small, medium businesses as well as enterprises by supporting existing applications with new tailored, feature-packed Xamarin apps

Web Portals

Utility Mobile Apps

We have created 100+ utility apps till yet that help various devices reach their greatest potential and make everyday tasks of people quite easy and manageable.

Social Networks

Xamarin Mobile Games

We also develop exciting, memorable, graphic rich Xamarin-based games that are acknowledged for complex game mechanics and realistic physics.

Business Integration

Media Streaming Apps

Our team of expert Xamarin developers has developed many media streaming mobile apps to stream video content to bigger screens or retrieve an audio stream from cloud.

Apps for Wearables

Apps for Wearables

Our created handheld Xamarin apps provide actionable crucial information with the notifications synced to wearables, or apps that run on them.

Social Networks

eLearning and Training Apps

Our customers can also avail from us eLearning and online training applications that are highly acknowledged in the app market for their user friendliness and clear graphics.

Business Integration

Social Networking Apps

Our social media Xamarin apps development team can fulfill users' specific and custom need for effective communication along with user-friendly and interactive interface.

Apps for Wearables

Augmented Reality Apps

We always keep ourselves updated with latest technologies that’s why we have developed a wide gamut of augmented reality Xamarin mobile apps for Games, Retail, Education, etc.

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Hire Dedicated Xamarin Developers in 5 Easy Steps

You can easily integrate our Xamarin web developers with your in-house team or they can work as an extension of your business.



You post your project requirement to hire skilled & dedicated Xamarin developers.



Our business analysts carefully evaluate project scope & perform feasibility check and recommend dedicated Xamarin project manager suitable for your business domain.



Our project manager gets in touch with you regularly and help you in selecting the best Xamarin development team as per your requirement from our pool of dedicated resources.

Project Execution

Project Execution

In supervision of project manager, your dedicated designers, developers and quality analysts follows agile development process and work side-by-side to achieve the project aims.

Sprint Base Project Delivery

Sprint Base Project Delivery

Our project manager takes your feedback on each stage of development and apply it in the project to meet the your expectations in the best possible manner.