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Xamarin has fast caught-up as a leader in cross-platform mobile app development. Owned by technology giant Microsoft, it seems to be the best alternative when it comes to creating a native-like cross platform application. This platform is highly acknowledged in the market owing to its various benefits like native user interface, ease of sharing the app code to multiple mobile platforms, and rapid mobile app development. Benefits of C# are also attached with Xamarin which enables even the basic data types to be treated as objects.

As a leading Xamarin mobile applications development company in Dallas & India, appbiz360 builds high performing, user-friendly, secure and scalable Xamarin mobile apps for agencies, enterprises, ISVs, and startups. By working on the latest Xamarin mobile app development technologies and trends, we ensure exceptional business results in minimum time. We have skilled professional cross-platform mobile application developers who follow agile development methodology to deliver top-notch apps for your business.

Our expertise as a Xamarin app development company

We are pleased to announce that we are counted among trusted and renowned Xamarin app Development Companies in Dallas and India. As a part of it, we take extreme care of the requirement of our customers as they are first priority. We offer a full spectrum of cross-platform app services to fulfill the requirements of our customers.

Our achievements in Xamarin app development

Across the globe, we have earned expertise in Xamarin app development and if you looking for some assistance regarding the same, we are originally located in India and Dallas, USA. Our professionals operate from India and Dallas to provide you outstanding outcomes.

Why Choose Us As Your Preferred Xamarin App Development Company?

We have gained a lot of reputation all over the world in a few years and this represents how fine and professional our services are. However, if you are confused about choosing us as your Xamarin app development company, you can freely make a call and share your requirements. Our executive will reach you in no time.

Type of Xamarin apps development we offer

We are one of the best Xamarin app development companies in Dallas, USA & India and provide full-cycle cross-platform Xamaein mobile application development services. You can rely on us as we provide you the top-notch team of professionals who works with all expertise to meet the business needs of the customers. We offer several types of apps and here are they:

  • Media Streaming Apps
  • Utility Mobile Apps
  • Xamarin Mobile Games
  • eCommerce Apps
  • Line-of-Business Applications
  • Apps for Wearable’s
  • eLearning and Training Apps
  • Social Networking Apps
  • Xamarin App designing
  • Xamarin app upgrade
  • Xamarin app migration
  • App deployment
  • Custom app development
  • Support and maintenance

Projects we’ve delivered

We have delivered 200+ extraordinary Xamarin mobile applications for the client all over the world. And this is why; we have gained the reputation of being one of the most trusted Xamarin app development companies across the globe.

The charm of Coder's- Xamarin

We have delivered 200+ extraordinary Xamarin mobile applications for the client all over the world. And this is why; we have gained the reputation of being one of the most trusted Xamarin app development companies across the globe.

It allows features like:

Use MVC or MVVVM design patterns: it allows you to build the application utilizing the Model/view/controller pattern. This way you can find out which section of your app will use native user interface elements of platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac). Meanwhile, you can use these forms to divide your applications into two parts. User- Interface and Core

Use C#: This will allow you to write apps in C# language. Also, the already existing code written in C# can be ported to iOS and android using Xamarin smoothly.

Develop Native UIs: Whenever an application is built, consist various factors. Here, Xamarin combines the same APIs and UI controls that are used to develop iOS and Mac applications in their owner platforms specific languages. On android, views can be used to build native-looking applications with the advantage of Xamarin's UI designer. However, on Windows, you will use XAML for presentation later which is created in Visual Studio or Blend's UI designer. And on Mac, you can use Storyboards for the presentation layer which is created in Xcode.

Benefits of using Xamarin

  • It support cross platform application development
  • There are less number of Bugs
  • Xamarin has outstanding native user interfaces & controls which allows users to build a native application
  • Useful compiled copy
  • API integration & UI designs
  • Assures great commune and support
  • The Xamarin form is a library which permits you to reuse the code several times to create native user- interface for android, iOS and windows devices. With Xamarin forms you get 40+ gross platforms layouts and controls providing you all over native interface.
  • Shared code base
  • Allows the developers to develop application for androids, iOS, Windows and also share codes on various platforms. Well this is one of the most Beneficiary factors of using Xamarin.
  • The cross platform will have an outstanding future as they are minimizing the gaps between various platforms. Especially, soon as Microsoft acquired it and now it has been free.

Our Achievements as Python Development Specialists:

If we go by the numbers, here’s a quick overview of the stats representing our achievements as a premium app development company:






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Pros and cons of Xamarin

The Pros of building apps with Xamarin

Okay let's be fair Enough, we know that making apps with Xamarin is a great way for development firms to save time and resources. It simplifies your tech works allowing you to save ample time. Well, now you should know more if its advantages.

Rapid prototyping - In Xamarin forms, developers have complete access to a cross-platform UI toolkit to build interfaces that work on any device. This permits the creation of a single user interface on all the devices. It enables to share many codes without any modifications of UI for every platform.

Low maintenance - the maintenance of similar platforms can be high. But Xamarin is quite good in this context. Once you make changes to your file, they can be applied directly to your application. This cancels out the need to update the source codes of your application.

Apps for all platforms - this is one of the known pros as on Xamarin, developers can create an application for computers and mobiles all together. This also helps to get rid of the dilemma for which platform they should develop. As here, android, iOS, and windows can be taken care of simultaneously.

Native performance and developer experience - In Xamarin, it is possible to access every native hence it becomes possible to use native UI, Bluetooth, SDKs, etc. As Xamarin can take full use of the system and hardware-specific APIs, apps built using the software will operate along with the apps combined in each platform set default language.

Less time to market - Developing apps with shared codebases cancels the time that would mainly be spent in translating, rewriting and recompiling the code to operate on various platforms.

Easy updates - This platform is really easy to update. As it takes the advantage of native frameworks and usually it takes 1-3 days for android and iOS to buckle up with the latest features. This is why new platform features can be introduced to your apps soon when the Xamarin has been updated.

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The Cons of building apps with Xamarin

Everything great has another side too. Well, similar is with Xamarin, there are some disadvantages which won't affect anything. But you surely need to check them out.

Large app size - Xamarin for the release adds 3-5 megabytes and approx. 20 megabytes for Debug buildings.

It's expensive for Enterprises - This platform is free for small businesses and individuals. But, enterprises need to buy a license for Microsoft Visual Studio. The single-user license starts at approx. $499. And the enterprise user needs to pay up to $2,999 for a yearly subscription.

It might become complicated - This is because Xamarin doesn't support most of the .Net libraries. It doesn't support all the libraries of the third party for android and iOS.

Our Xamarin Mobile Application Development Services

We are counted among trusted Xamarin mobile apps development companies in India & Dallas; therefore, we offer a full spectrum of cross platform mobile application development services to cater to the variegated requirements of our prestigious customers.


Custom App Development

Assisted by a team of experienced Xamarin app developers, we strive to develop custom cross platform mobile application as per the specific demands of our clients.


Xamarin App Designing

Our team of skilled and dedicated UI/UX designers can create enticing, clean and creative UI/UI design as per the specific requirements of our prestigious customers.


Xamarin App Upgradation

Our Xamarin mobile applications development team can upgrade your existing application to its latest version without affecting its features & UI.


Xamarin App Migration

If you want to migrate your existing app from one platform to another platform, our team of developers can do it efficiently keeping features intact.


Support & Maintenance

If your mobile app has any bug, performance issue, feature addition requirement, etc., bring it to us and our experienced mobile app developers will take care of it.


App Deployment

Not only do we create feature packed, secure and scalable Xamarin applications, but we also deploy these applications in the app store to minimize your effort.

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Types of Xamarin Apps We Develop

We are one of the best Xamarin app development companies in Dallas & India, and provide full cycle cross platform mobile application development services covering a wide array of business verticals to meet variegated needs of customers.

mCommerce Apps

mCommerce Apps

Our years of domain expertise in app development helps us to make feature rich mCommerce apps that enable businesses to sell products for storefront or webtail operations.

eLearning and Training Apps

Line-of-Business Applications

We also help boost profit of small & medium scale businesses as well as enterprises by supporting existing applications with new tailored, feature-packed Xamarin apps.

Web Portals

Utility Mobile Apps

We have created 100+ utility apps till yet that help various devices reach their greatest potential and make everyday tasks of people quite easy and manageable.

Social Networks

Xamarin Mobile Games

We also develop exciting, memorable, graphic rich Xamarin-based games that are acknowledged for complex game mechanics and realistic physics.

Business Integration

Media Streaming Apps

Our team of expert Xamarin app developers has developed many media streaming mobile apps to stream video content to bigger screens or retrieve an audio stream from cloud.

Apps for Wearables

Apps for Wearables

Our created handheld Xamarin apps provide actionable crucial information with the notifications synced to wearables, or apps that run on them.

Business Integration

eLearning and Training Apps

Our customers can also avail from us eLearning and online training applications that are highly acknowledged in the app market for their user friendliness and clear graphics.

Apps for Wearables

Social Networking Apps

Our social media Xamarin apps development team can fulfill users' specific and custom need for effective communication along with user-friendly and interactive interface.

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Why You Need Xamarin Mobile Application?

In this digital era, mobile applications has become talk of the town. Nowadays, all businesses are choosing mobile app development services to remain competitive in the industry.

  • 80% of internet users an android.
  • Users spend 90% of their time in apps
  • Mobile accounts for 35% of all retail eCommerce
  • 90% of users’ mobile media time is spent in apps.
  • More products in apps than on mobile web.
  • Users convert to purchase 3 times more often in-app than on web.

Why Us?

Since establishment, we have created thousands of successful mobile apps. As a trusted app development company, we are acknowledged for following USPs:

Trust Factor

Having delivered 200+ successful mobile applications for global clients, we have earned the reputation of being one of the most reliable mobile app development agencies worldwide.

Flexible Engagement Model

We have different engagement model to cater to your unique development needs. You can choose from fixed time/cost and dedicated engagement models.

Team of Experts

appbiz360 is backed by a team of skilled and dedicated developers who specialize in building feature rich apps based on latest technologies.

End-to-end App Development

We provide complete mobile app development solutions to our global clients. From initial planning and rigorous quality assurance to final deployment, we take care of everything

Agile Development Methodology

We follow agile mobile app development methodology in order to ensure our customers get best mobile apps in faster time.

Peace of Mind

At appbiz360, we ensure that all our clients enjoy ultimate peace of mind by taking care of all aspects of mobile app development, testing, etc.