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Trusted AngularJS Development Company

AngularJS Development

If you are looking to build dynamic and interactive single-page applications, AngularJS development is a perfect choice. Businesses and developers like Angular due to its highly compelling and amazing features including two-way data binding, templating, modularization, RESTful API handling, AJAX handling, and dependency injection. Based on JavaScript, this framework is maintained by Google and a community of corporations & individuals to work around several challenges developers encounter while building single-page applications. Even Google uses Angular internally for its official applications and websites. Gmail, Hangouts, etc. are built completely in Angular. Among the key reasons why Angular is most recommended for your next web app development project: few include:

Angular is an open-source web framework.

Its component-based architecture supports high-quality coding.

Written in TypeScript, Angular facilitates higher scalability, cleaner code, and better tooling.

Benefits of Angular Development

Angular is a highly preferred framework among businesses yearning for success through innovative, engaging, and high-performing web identities and apps. Some of the key benefits that attract most businesses towards Angular development are discussed below for your quick reference. Here they are:

  • Ensures great app speed
  • Ideal for single-page web apps
  • Modularized animation package
  • Boosts app performance
  • Facilitates fast development
  • Full Typescript support for heavy apps
  • Less code is required
  • Greater access to functions
  • Used to build cross-platform, progressive web apps

Pros & Cons of Angular Development

But Angular development is not just about the benefits and pros, there are some drawbacks also that come along with it. Just like it is with any other programming language, development framework, or technology, Angular also has its own set of pros and cons. Let’s begin with the pros first:

  • Two-way data binding
  • The MVVM architecture
  • Ease of app prototyping
  • Enhanced server performance
  • Responsive web development
  • Ease of iterative development
  • Super easy frontend Angular app testing
  • Faster DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation

Cons of AngularJS Development

One of the biggest demerits associated with Angular development is limited SEO options of the platform. Other cons you should know about this amazing framework include:

  • Complex Angular development modules
  • Difficult customizing/integrations capabilities
  • Learning Angular development isn’t easy
  • Suitable for big-ticket projects than smaller ones
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Custom AngularJS Solutions We Offer

As a highly sought-after Angular development company in the USA, we extend an extensive range of Angular solutions for the varying needs of different businesses. Businesses across the globe count on us for a wide range of Angular solutions. Few of these include:

  • CMS Solution
  • Scalable Web Apps
  • Custom API solution
  • Social & Interactive Apps
  • Enterprise Development
  • Custom Angular Development
  • Real-Time App Development
  • E-Commerce Application Development

Custom Angular Development Services We Offer

We go that extra mile to craft world-class websites and web solutions that help businesses extend their market reach. Our custom Angular developers build exceptional apps and solutions. Some of our Angular development services include:

  • API Development and Implementation
  • Web/Mobile App UI/UX Development
  • Captivating UI/UX design
  • Bug-fixing and troubleshooting
  • Detailed Auditing of Project
  • Free Angular Consultation
  • Support & Maintenance
  • App Upgradation & Migration (without data loss)

We offer scalable and high-performing enterprise-oriented API development in Angular bearing your specifications and requirements in mind. You can share your custom AngularJS development requirements with us and our team of AngularJS developers will work take up and complete your project within the deadlines.

Why Should You Hire Us as Your AngularJS Development Company?

Are you in need of innovative and unique web solutions for your app/web business idea? Let’s make it real with our proven expertise in Angular web and app development. We have spent more than a decade in web and app development industry and we know what it takes to deliver high-performing, engaging, and user-friendly apps that cost reasonable and deliver outstanding results. We follow agile development methodology, proactive approach, advanced techniques, and international Angular standards to craft powerful Angular web solutions that deliver outstanding user experience and help businesses maximize their profitability. We ensure strict compliance with the international quality assurance standards. Whether you need web/website/app development from scratch or you want us to upgrade your existing web identity, we are ready and available for help.

Headquartered in the USA, appbiz360 is your local website and app development company that can be relied upon for understanding your unique business needs and goals and deliver high-end solutions that perfectly sync with your organizational goals.

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Our Achievements as Python Development Specialists:

If we go by the numbers, here’s a quick overview of the stats representing our achievements as a premium app development company:






Project Done





Our Achievements as an AngularJS Development Company

appbiz360 brings along 12+ years of experience and proven expertise in the web and app development arena. As a reputed Angular web & mobile app development agency, we are proud to be one of the highly acclaimed names among businesses looking for world-class Angular solutions in 38+ countries across the globe. We have successfully delivered fully-functional Angular solutions to more than 250 clients across the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Russia, Asia, and other parts of the world. Our expert developers bring along an extensive experience and rich exposure to the latest web and app development technologies and our expertise in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, ReactJS, and Angular is beyond question or doubt. So far, we’ve delivered 450+ Angular projects to our global clients. Our biggest achievement is in our repeated customers who always come back to us whenever they need IT support from a reliable provider.

We focus on quality and our QA team never leaves a stone unturned in the efforts to deliver high-quality, high-performing, and reliable solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Our Expertise as an AngularJS Development Company in the USA

Hiring the right AngularJS development company to take care of your Angular web & app development needs is quite a challenging proposition. The key skills you will look for in your Angular developer include knowledge of HTML, CSS, and most importantly core JavaScript and we are proud to confirm that our developers are highly skilled in these. You can expect immense expertise in JavaScript at its core from our experts besides excellent knowledge and experience of using CSS and HTML. Our developers don’t just create apps and web solutions, rather they craft it with meticulous attention to detail. And their outstanding knowledge and skill of UX concepts is evident in the solutions they deliver. Our developers focus on the UX, positioning of app elements and their interaction.

To ensure that our clients get what they expect from us, our AngularJS developers keep honing their skills and knowledge about the Angular framework on a constant basis. They are abreast of the latest developments in the web and app development sphere. Our AngularJS development expertise lies in RESTful API documentation reading and implementation. RESTful API development involves HTTP requests to GET, POST, DELETE and PUT data.

We offer scalable and high-performing business-oriented Angular API development services that meet your custom needs. Hire Angular developers at appbiz360 to craft exceptionally designed solutions that boost your profitability and return on investment (ROI).

Hire appbiz360 for:

  • Building flexible, interactive and scalable web applications and designs
  • Complete assistance – right from ideation through completion
  • Setting up your fully dedicated, virtual team of Angular Developers
  • Hiring angular developers who work full time on your project
  • Getting access to onshore/ offshore delivery models
  • Creating reusable components
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Hire appbiz360 Angular Development Services

Our angular competencies encompass building complex UI components that work on iOS/Android platforms. Our expertise in Angular, including its key features, API libraries and toolchain, enables us to build highly interactive and lightweight apps. You may count on us for all your Angular development needs covering high-level feature integration (like payment gateways) and real time data exchanges and other custom Angular development needs across the globe. Reasons you must go for Angular app development with appbiz360 include:


Competent Developers

We employ a highly competent team of Angular developers with rich experience in both Angular and Angular Native development.


Faster Time to Market

Since we strictly adhere to the deadlines of each project that we take up, your final product’s time to market reduces amazingly.


Proven Methodologies

We follow strict and well defined methodologies to ensure our esteemed clients get exactly what they expect.


Innovative Apps

We believe in quality and innovation. And, this is reflected in the solutions that we offer.

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Types of Angular Development Services We Offer

As one of the best mobile app development companies in Dallas & India, we provide full cycle applications development services covering a wide array of business verticals to meet custom needs of our global clients.

mCommerce Apps

API Development

A mobile app can be your gateway to success in mCommerce.

eLearning and Training Apps

Angular Consulting

Let’s build exclusive apps to fit various purposes and unique business needs.

Web Portals

Application Development

Let’s build a feature-rich Angular powered online store with Angular. Hire appbiz360 for all your Angular eCommerce app development needs.

Social Networks

Social & Interactive Apps

Count on us for developing world-class social networking apps, websites for the web and mobile devices in Angular.

Business Integration

Real-Time App Development

We offer IM, Chat and other real-time apps development services with Angular Fire or Socket. You can rely on us for integrating it with NodeJS, etc., to improve user experience and performance.

Apps for Wearables

Enterprise Development

We deliver outstanding enterprise level web apps, using latest Angular platforms, to help you boost your productivity.

Angular Development Services We Offer:

In this digital era, mobile applications has become talk of the town. Nowadays, all businesses are choosing mobile app development services to remain competitive in the industry.

  • Responsive website development
  • Custom development
  • Interactive UI/ UX
  • Angular Native plug ins development
  • Angular migration
  • Support & maintenance
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Why us?

Since establishment, we have created thousands of successful mobile apps. As a trusted app development company, we are acknowledged for following USPs:

Trust Factor

Having delivered 200+ successful mobile applications for global clients, we have earned the reputation of being one of the most reliable mobile app development agencies worldwide.

Flexible Engagement Model

We have different engagement model to cater to your unique development needs. You can choose from fixed time/cost and dedicated engagement models.

Team of Experts

appbiz360 is backed by a team of skilled and dedicated developers who specialize in building feature rich apps based on latest technologies.

End-to-end App Development

We provide complete mobile app development solutions to our global clients. From initial planning and rigorous quality assurance to final deployment, we take care of everything

Agile Development Methodology

We follow agile mobile app development methodology in order to ensure our customers get best mobile apps in faster time.

Peace of Mind

At appbiz360, we ensure that all our clients enjoy ultimate peace of mind by taking care of all aspects of mobile app development, testing, etc.