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How Android App Development Can Benefit Your Business?

How Android App Development Can Benefit Your Business?

A lot of businesses nowadays are turning to mobile apps, and for great reasons. Mobile applications helps them expand their strategies and reach an extensive customer base. With over 85 percent market share across the globe, the Android OS seems to be dominating the booming mobile platform.

Google keeps coming up with the up-to-date versions incorporating enterprise-friendly features as well as improved security. That is why the business owners have been consistently taking advantage of this dynamic platform, which is why they work with a leading Android app development company near me.

Let’s find out how Android app development can prove beneficial for your business.

  1. Greater Market

Are you creating mobile applications for the general public? If so, it is sensible to target the platform with a large number of potential users. The domination over the global market is the most evident benefit of Android operating system. It is available on a massive number of vendor’s devices which are usually more cost-effective compared to iPhones.

A product for Android mobile devices can be effortlessly deployed in several various ways, which allows brands to reach customers through diverse channels. Other than Google Play Store, AppGratis, MoboMarket, and Appstore, they can easily build their own distribution as well as sales channels. It signifies superior flexibility for the promotional strategy and less competition.

  1. Profitability

If you choose to add in Amazon, Google Play, and Chinese app stores, Android OS makes about the same amount of money as Apple. There is no denying that Android applications can be at par with iOS applications in the majority of categories, with regard to initial app downloads and in-app purchases.

The larger user base of Android can support an app with enhanced ad revenue. The costs involved in advertising are usually lower, which signifies that you can advertise to a large number of users for the same amount of money on Android devices than to the ones using iOS.

  1. Target Multiple Platforms

Using Java as a programming language makes it easy to port the application to a number of operating systems such as Symbian and Ubuntu. Hence, businesses can target diverse platforms with the help of a leading mobile apps development service.

This is one of the several reasons why businesses look no further than Android development. Google made Kotlin an official language (or a Java alternative) for Android application development.

  1. Greater Security

Android is as stable as a Linux-based platform. The regular and constant platform meets the needs for Android app development for meeting various businesses’ needs. It provides the most unparalleled smartphone application with the finest resource usage. The business owners don’t want their application to crash. Consequently, they look for a highly effective platform for app development that can assist them in dealing with their dilemma.

Android plays a very crucial role in offering a stable forum in this case. It added new in-built functionality to safeguard against unwanted viruses and malware. It helps the business in determining the most suitable strategy in the software development process.

  1. Competitive Edge

No doubt, Android operating system is installed on over two billion smartphones around the world. It displays the importance of this forum. If an organization releases an Android application, it has a greater chance of gaining popularity rapidly. Not only does it give a boost to the image of the brand even further, but it also makes the organization witness a rise in loyal customers and revenue.

Using an Android application for your business will give you an edge over your competitors. Some of the advantages include reaching a large audience, reliable and straightforward BYOD, and business-friendly functionality. That’s why you need to work with a top Android app development company near me.

  1. Highly Customizable

When it comes to customization and versatility, the Android platform outdoes its Apple equivalent. Businesses can have Android devices completely redesigned to suit their business model and day-to-day operations. A couple of Android devices will allow businesses to completely replace the existing applications, which makes the system not only stable, but business-oriented as well.

It is indispensable to keep the application up to date with required features in the dynamic business environment of today. The ease of Android customization proves beneficial. As a matter of fact, it is simple to add or change features as required in Android compared to the iOS platform. Businesses can really save their time and money with website customization. Also, it assists in reducing TTM (Time to Market) to remain competitive in the market.

  1. Increase in Productivity

With the use of the Android platform, the productivity of tailored mobile apps has enhanced significantly. There are numerous customizing features that are not supported by several of the other platforms for mobile app development are supported by Android.

There’s a large number of mobile phone manufacturers that have used this dynamic platform in several various low-end devices. That’s because of the fact that Android is an open-source OS. It is due to factors like these that Android apps have gained an outstanding reputation in the global market.

  1. An Open-source Platform with Developer-friendly Tools

The Android platform will provide an open-source benefit. With such a great opportunity, any developer can work on it. You can download an Android SDK (software development kit) for creating Android applications anytime. The Android application can be ready within hours with a few efforts as well as skills. Android SDK and forward-looking tools and technologies help you create a functional application. Not only that, it helps you save the additional cost.

There is no denying that Android app development is thriving at an enormous pace. Since Android commands a significant share of the mobile app development market, you can take advantage of the Android apps’ strength for the growth of your business. That way you will be able to stay one step ahead from your competitors.

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