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What Impact will Android 11 have on your Mobile Apps?

What Impact will Android 11 have on your Mobile Apps?

Android is the most popular operating system for Google's mobile devices with the top global market share for more than 5 years. Its open-source character can be attributed with regard to such global success and considerable popularity and enables manufacturers to use and change the code according to their preference. After its release in 2008, Google has continuously integrated new features into the platform.

After its last release success, i.e. Android 10 that has surfaced with many essential features such as the dark theme, shortcuts for sharing, gestures, etc. Android 11 will soon hit the market. Its beta version is already live and available for the developers for testing and is expected to release the final version in the third quarter of 2020.

What impact will Android 11 have on your mobile apps?

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The main objective of Android 11 is 

Allowing users to adapt without compromising protection and privacy to technologies.

By adding new features and enhancing existing ones, Android 11 will also impact the mobile app development process. The article will lead you through the improvements that are worth noticed and the stunning features associated with Android 11. However, take a brief look at some of Android 11’s function highlights before heading into profound technological implications.

  • Insights of Android 11: Android is known for its excellent features, flawless performance, supportive libraries, and innovation, which makes it more noticeable worldwide. Everyone has an eye on the new development preview i.e. Android 11, which listed both the upcoming and the improvised Android 11 technical features and libraries. Let’s check out the highlights of Android 11 to understand and keep you up to date.
  • Messaging with a Chat Bubble: Chat Bubble had previously been expected to be part of Android 10, but couldn't work out then, so the latest version i.e. Android 11 has introduced it. Chat Bubble enables users to access a conversation via a bubble and to continue making different stuff on the mobile instead of keeping on the chat screen. The user has a chat screen where the chat can be converted to a chat bubble.
  • Improvement of Privacy and Security Google also introduced several privacy and safety upgrades, moving the permission of the device's camera, microphone, and location from "While the app in use" to "One-time" permission via "Only this time." You can access your data shortly during an individual usage session with this function. Android 11 extended its defense-in-depth tactics in Android along with permission scope to relatively more than Android 10 and other platform versions adding to security and privacy offered to the user.
  • Support for mobile and foldable devices enabled by 5GAlthough companies already worked to incorporate 5G networks into their devices, the process has been accelerating even more due to the pandemic. Not only has the support of 5G network on the platform provided for the pace of Android 11, but it also facilitates the use of foldable devices as well.
  • Provides inbuilt Screen RecorderYou will no longer download and risk your data with a separate screen recording app. The Android 11 includes an integrated screen recorder, which is available in the device's drop-down menu, allowing you to easily record your screen. The function was previously quite buggy, but this release not only improved and developed entirely safe but also added an extra audio recording facility for more functionality.

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Deep insight into Android 11 Developer’s Preview

Android 11 is designed to enhance app development, improving different dimensions, like security, storage, connectivity, and more by featuring both astonishing and powerful features. Changed behavioral, security, and new features can be classified into three main types.

Let's go further and see what's in it for developers of mobile apps and app owners.

  • Additional Options for Access Authorization: Generally, the user is asked to provide access to different resources such as the camera, the microphone, and the location when the applications are launched. In view of the safety of your user data, Android 11 introduced a new feature, i.e. one-time permission. The app will have access to the resources during the current usage of the application when a user selects this option, thus losing all access rights. The other licenses work as usual.
  • Better Data Security: User data are generally collected by applications, which makes their sensitive information risk-prone. Android 11 has made data safety even more stringent with updated security updates like Biometrics, Platform hardening, security storage, etc. The app developers must therefore test their app for these changes, preventing app crashes.
  • 5G Support: Supporting the 5G network, Android 11 boosts user experience by offering higher speed and less latency. 5G facilitates smooth video streaming and the quick loading of applications/games with high resolution, enabling developers to include several creative components that are sometimes avoided by network problems.
  • Reduced Data Inefficiency: Android 11 also addressed the issue of device redundancy in one of the previous versions of Android. Before Android 11, where two apps needed the same data set, two separate redundant copies were created, requiring additional storage and increased network load. Rather than creating a separated copy for each application, Android 11 permits both applications to use the same data set.
  • Reason for App ExitFinding the reason for the exit from the app is an arduous task and takes an unnecessary amount of time to do productive work. Android 11 freed the app developers of this pain and generated a crash report on demand, which consists of the exit reason. Therefore, a developer now needs to focus rather than struggle to find the reason behind the outcome on solving the problem.
  • Better Camera Improvement and Image DecodingAndroid 11 is equipped with a High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) image storage system, which uses a loss compression technique to reduce the APK size, thus reducing the effect on the network. It is useful for both images and animations to be displayed. In addition, using the latest API, i.e. The Android11 NDK API allows apps, instead of using an external library, to use the native image code for image decoding / encoding.
  • Neural Network Support: The market is dominated by Machine learning and is here to stay. In light of the fact, Android 11 also has increased support for machine learning applications. Android 11 uses a few other helpful APIs, such as the Quality of Service API, which allow developers to develop a highly functional machine learning app, together with NNAPI (Neural Network API).
  • Easier App Testing for Compatibility: App compatibility is one of the most critical concerns for the developer and it is required to monitor the application's behavioral changes. Android 11 has streamlined the process and made it much easier to monitor and evaluate. Android 11 helps the developers to deal with improvements like the force activated and the deactivation of the Android debug bridge (ADB) so that they can release themselves from the recompilation app to evaluate simple functions.

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Though Android 11, Android's 18th version, has yet to come out, it is not the intelligent decision to take until the time comes. Before you come into effect, you must prepare the ground.

The Developer's preliminary release has generated a lot of consumer and developer interest and enthusiasm about Android 11. Users now look forward to a more mature application with higher performance and need to adapt to user requirements and developments.

Our appbiz360 team always tries to step forward with the change to deliver quality, therefore it is already working on strategies for integrating Android 11 into its future mobile app to improve its performance. If you want a developer who can help you easily transfer your application into the most recent version or create a fresh Android 11-based app for your brand, connect with our Android app developer’s team and start the development process for your app.