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Top Technologies Used for Mobile App Development Today

Top Technologies Used for Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are virtually omnipresent. You have one or more apps for almost anything you can think of today – right from education apps, gaming apps, ticketing apps, apps for shopping clothes and accessories to groceries and what not? If we go by the statistics, reports say:

  • Mobile apps will likely generate approx. $189 bn. in revenue by the year 2020.

  • Over 2.2 MN apps are available on App Store for download.

  • Over 2.8 MN apps are available on the Play Store for download.

  • Above 21% of Millennials check mobile apps 50+ times daily.

  • Almost 49% users open an app at least 11+ times per day.

  • About 56% of all digital media usage is generated from mobile apps.

With more than 2.7 bn. smartphone users throughout the world, it’s no wonder that the mobile app industry is flourishing. Many studies show that most Americans check their phones every 12 minutes. Of these, about 10% check their devices at least once every 4-5 minutes. What are they all doing on the phones? Well, most of these are using one or the other app.  

With such impressive statistics, businesses have a great opportunity to tap with these apps. But when it comes to best mobile app development, it is not easy to decide on the right technology you would use for building mobile app. Among the top technologies that are most popular among businesses looking for mobile app development, I am listing a few here for your reference:

Backend Technologies

Simply put, the backend is the server-side portion of the website, which isn’t visible to the users. But, it takes care of data storage and organization ensuring everything works smoothly on the client side. By communicating with the front end, it sends and receives information that is displayed as webpage. The backend comprises of the app, database, and of course the server. 

Few of the database technologies include: 

  • .Net

  • PHP

  • Java

  • Python

  • Node.JS

Front-end Technologies

The frontend is the face of the website/app that you see and interact with via your browser. It is also called client side and includes all the user experiences directly – right from the colors, buttons, and text to images as well as navigation. Few of the most sought-after front end technologies include: 

  • Angular

  • Vue.JS

  • React.JS

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Xamarin


A framework is the platform used for building software applications. It may include the predefined functions and classes that can be used for processing input, interacting with system software, and managing hardware devices. Few of the most used frameworks include: 

  • Laravel

  • Django

  • MEAN

You can choose from the frontend, backend, and frameworks depending on your custom app/software/web development needs. Each has its own sets of advantages and drawbacks. The choice of right technology depends on your app development needs and specifications. For example, you may choose Xamarin for building high performing cross platform apps that run seamlessly across devices and platforms. On the other hand, you would better choose JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS technologies for building hybrid web apps. Native app development is highly recommended, if you are looking for the development of apps that run exclusively on iOS or Android phones. 

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