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Top 7 Android App Development Trends You Must Look for in 2021

Top 7 Android App Development Trends You Must Look for in 2021

When we talk about Android app development, it captures a great audience. Any app made in Android mobile OS is very user-friendly, which is why the prime focus of businesses primarily remains on building a native Android application. Since it has been gaining immense popularity, there have been rapid and huge advancements in the Android app development focusing on a more user-centric approach.

So, before you make a decision to partner with a reputable app development company, make sure they are well aware of the latest trends in Android app development in 2021.

Let’s dig in!

  1. Instant Apps

Android instant apps are not a new phenomenon when it comes to developing an Android app. These apps are not very common; however, they are still gaining admiration. Android apps, being user-friendly, allow users to try games or other apps without having to install them on their devices. They refrain users from downloading the application and help them use the internet quickly and directly without installing them.

As instant apps don’t require a user to download them, they are not only simple to use as a website but they can also be operated directly from the cloud. That is why they avoid taking extra space on your smartphone.

  1. Apps for Foldable Phones

Flip (or foldable) phones were massively popular when touchscreen ones were not anywhere in the scene. With the arrival of the latter, however, that helped one perform several tasks, flip phones became outdated. But there’s no denying flip phones have started making a comeback over the last few years once again. These phones fold to expand or compress the screen depending on the user preferences.

From the Android app development perspective, content creators should take these devices when creating apps into account. The main idea in foldable phones is that the app should impeccably adjust the display when the device folds or unfolds. And this year will definitely witness an increase in the number of flip phone users.

  1. Flutter

Introduced by Google, Flutter is one of the topnotch technologies that is truly considered the future of mobile app development. This framework is primarily responsible for building applications with the help of native interface platforms, including iOS and Android.

Laden with innovative features, Flutter (the latest Google’s technology) offers flexibility to Android app developers. That is the reason why most of them will switch to this technology in 2021. Native designs, simple to learn features, and Support for MVP development are some of the most significant benefits Flutter offers to Android app developers.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

No doubt, artificial intelligence penetrated the app development industry several years ago. However, it has witnessed a rise lately. When we talk about artificial intelligence (AI), there are two virtual assistants that come into our mind: Alexa or Siri. However, it has gone beyond when it comes to Android app development.

Apple launched Core ML 3 – the latest version of iOS machine learning platform – helping app developers implant Artificial Intelligence into their mobile apps. One of best things about AI is that it can make your applications smarter by improving their performance at each level.

  1. Beacon Technology

Businesses nowadays have been extensively relying on Beacon Technology. Why? Because it helps them target promising clients in a unique way. Right from retail to hospitality, this cutting-edge technology add greater functionalities to almost every mobile app. The prime advantage of beacon technology is proximity marketing, which is known to give a boost to client experience within mobile applications. Hence, businesses have already begun implementing it to target potential customers.

  1. Navigation Component

Navigation indicated the multiple interactions allowing the user to move around in the diverse sections and the content pieces of the app. Android jetpacks are available with elements of handy navigation, which helps the developers to put the navigations into effect. One of the biggest benefits of navigation component is that it allows for a constant and expectable user experience.

  1. Mobile Wallets

When it comes to making an online payment, mobile wallets are what most people prefer as they are secure, convenient, and swift. A leading mobile app development company like appbiz360 can either incorporate mobile wallets in ecommerce mobile apps or develop separate wallet apps with desirable features and outstanding functionality. Startups and fintech companies will be able to their business to the next level by launching mobile wallets in 2021.

There is no question that Android is the most wanting mobile OS (operating system) that has acquired 85% of the market share. With more than 3.04 million apps in Google Play Store, which range from web browsers, social media applications, daily tools, or complex games, it is not hard to see why Android gets all the attention that it deserves.