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Top 5 E-Commerce Development Trends For 2021

Top 5 E-Commerce Development Trends For 2021

The eCommerce industry has expanded dramatically worldwide over the last few years. In reality, retail e-commerce sales amounted to (US$) 3.53 trillion worldwide in 2019 which is projected to reach (US$) 4.92 trillion in 2021. This simple stat tells the entire success story of the global eCommerce industry. Many sellers set up their e-stores to sell online, thanks to this attractive development in the industry. Development facilities for e-commerce worldwide are now in full swing.

In addition, if you are interested in developing an eCommerce website you would like it to be designed with the latest market trends. The next move is 2021 and the trends in eCommerce which will govern this year are beginning to grow. So here we are going to immerse ourselves in these trends and learn more about these trends.

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E-Commerce importance for businesses

The proliferation of the internet has increased to new heights in every part of the world. In recent years, online sales have also increased significantly, prompting more companies to go online. Internet shopping is the new standard, with people who buy almost everything from their homes' comfort. E-commerce has become a major source of income for companies and invests in this field.

5 eCommerce Development Trends for 2021

1. Social Commerce

This is another big eCommerce trend that your website can't ignore in order to get higher advantages. Today, shoppers have an integrated social media experience that helps them to make the best deals. With the strength of online advertisements on social media sites, users can learn more about goods on these platforms and follow links to purchase the desired products.

Social trading in 2021 will be one of the hottest trends in eCommerce and will influence the web development industry in the e-commerce sector. Social networking incorporation is therefore a smart step towards the efficient growth of eCommerce sites.

2. AR/VR

Today, AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies are known to most people all over the world. Many companies have revolutionised the production of these two technologies. And, for the eCommerce industry, AR / VR technology also boosts. The inability to see items is one of the disadvantages to online shopping that people sometimes lift. In online shopping, AR and VR technologies are used as bridges to eliminate these obstacles.

With AR technology, shoppers can display goods in the real world to see if a product suits their demands. Virtual reality on the other hand connects the real world with the virtual world and provides a virtual experience. Online retailers can have in-store experience with VR technology and provide more information to help consumers make the right choices. For eCommerce, the use of AR / VR is also an excellent 2021 trend.

3. Omnichannel Selling

For online businesses, Omnichannel sales are becoming relevant as shopping is currently not connected to a specific platform. Today, people are being able to purchase products on online sites such as Amazon, eBay, and Facebook. Therefore the option of multichannel sales has become the latest standard in the field of eCommerce. This is a crucial trend in your growth strategy on eCommerce. Here are several ways to boost the experience of the omnichannel:

  • Optimize the mobile site and attempt to invest in a PWA when you have a budget.
  • Give a personalized customer experience.
  • Use software such as SAP Commerce Cloud to provide a customized experience.
  • You should keep the omnichannel aspect in mind if you are considering B2B eCommerce growth.

4. Increase in Mobile Shopping

With their increase in online shopping among buyers, they now feel comfortable shopping online via mobile devices. In recent years, the number of mobile device users has sharply risen, contributing to a dominant mobile environment. In the field of eCommerce web development, no company cannot now neglect mobile optimization as mobile devices rule the world more and more.

One of the hottest trends in 2020 was the development of mobile-optimized Websites, which will also continue until 2021. To remain competitive and generate high revenues, developing an eCommerce website that provides a friendly experience for desktop and mobile devices has become important.

5. PWA

The use of PWA or Progressive Web Apps is one of the main trends that became popular in the eCommerce market. In their online shops, online retailers often look for ways to boost their sales and improve their customer service. The best way to reach these ends is through a progressive web app.

A PWA is a mobile application-like website. The eCommerce companies will take advantage of PWAs to have a better user experience rather than creating and releasing extremely expensive native mobile apps. Investing in PWA development services can have many advantages for your company if you consider Magento development services or the PrestaShop development service.

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Wrapping up

Online shopping is at a new stage, and customers are feeling more and more relaxed with online shopping. To create a cutting-edge online store for your company and begin to sell online, you can choose the best eCommerce development company. You can take your company to new heights by opting to sell online and use the power of eCommerce websites to increase your revenues.

In order to ensure that your platform is fully updated, you will always want to introduce the new eCommerce growth trends. Follow the top trends for eCommerce growth for 2021 to create a robust website with great features.