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Can a Mobile App Save Your Business from the Deadly Effects of COVID-19?

Mobile App Save Your Business from the Deadly Effects of COVID-19

While most businesses that operated in traditional manner took a nosedive or were completely shut down due to the harsh and negative effects of the novel Coronavirus, the online industry is still surviving. Most online businesses have registered a remarkable growth and upward trend in the past few months. Organizations that rely on the information technology, including websites, mobile apps, and other digital platforms, are amongst the biggest gainers in the past few months. On the other hand, organizations that are still following the conventional methods rather than adopting to the new normal of going digital are witnessing constant decline in their profits. In fact, some are struggling to survive these challenging and critical times.

If we go by the trends small & aspiring as well as established businesses are fast adopting to keep their business up and running, we can easily conclude that mobile apps hold great opportunities for all sectors. This becomes even more important in current situation where everything – right from our ways of watching movies, visiting family & friends, studying, doing office work, shopping, and even consulting the doctor, is going through a drastic change. Now it has all gone digital. No more of waiting in queues to pay the utility bills and no longer do you need to rush to the market in search of that perfect set of goblets you want to flaunt before your elite guests. Just a few mouse clicks or taps/swipes on your mobile phone and there you go! 

With a vast majority of businesses having gone global, you don’t need to lag behind just because you don’t have an app to showcase your brand, products, services, and offerings. Hire a reliable mobile app development agency, such as appbiz360, to build an engaging and high-performing app for your business. All you need to do is share your app development requirements, specifications, and expectations and our highly competent and creative team of app developers, UI/UX designers, and testers will ensure you get an app that is rich in user experience and delivers desired performance across different mobile devices.

We test each app in our in-house app testing lab, which is equipped with 100+ devices, before delivering and deploying it on app stores. Our rigorous quality assurance and testing processes are designed to ensure there are little or no issues in the app when it is launched in the real world among the real users. But, since we believe that the number of devices isn’t confined to the 100+ devices we have in our app testing laboratory, we have built a unique appbiz360 toolkit. The toolkit comprises of two SDKs namely fimo360 and engager360 where fimo is useful for monitoring, analyzing, tracking, and pinpointing app performance issues in the real world and engager is useful for app entrepreneurs struggling to boost their app’s user engagement and ultimately app installs.

So, when you plan to step in to app entrepreneurship, don’t just focus on the app development because the actual struggle starts once your app is launched and reaches the real audiences. 

Conclusion: We advise you to have a detailed discussion about your app development, testing, and maintenance needs with our experts at appbiz360 – a premium app development company headquartered in the USA and having development units across the USA and India. 

Disclaimer: We strongly believe an app can help most businesses overcome the challenges of taking their offerings to the targeted audiences, especially during and post COVID-19. To discuss your app development needs, please feel free to talk to our experts.