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Education Apps are Changing the Future of Schooling!

Education Apps are Changing the Future of Schooling!

The effect of this pandemic is huge and this Coronavirus has changed the phase of many sectors and the education industry is also not left untouched and safe from this. And, as a result, the evil pandemic has made it very hard for the education system to continue in its normal way. Without a classroom, it is up to academicians, policymakers, and technocrats to find useful and beneficial ways to fill the void between students and teachers.

Plus, they also need to equally coordinate with the parents/guardians to make them aware of the performance graph. The changing condition is slowly and surely creating bigger opportunities for education app companies or mobile app development companies to come up with creative ideas using the latest technology and transform this negative phase into a positive opportunity. 

As per the latest report of Forbes, it came into knowledge that EdTech is growing, with the huge market value across the world to reach $252 billion this year. Well, it is a huge amount and your app can make the same in next few years. Let’s quickly run into the insights of educations apps and it’s types!

Learning While Playing!

This app will allow the students to learn how to write numbers, letters, cursive letters, and draw different shapes. The controls access will be given to teachers & parents to select the course, activities and games to keep the check on the learning. Along with this, users will be able to get premium access of this application for just $4/month, the advantages that comes along with this includes 100+ games and additional learning data.

Important features:

  • Play-full environment 

  • Augmented reality 

  • Various concepts 

  • Games-based learning ideas

Exam-Preparations Content 

Do you know about the leading exam preparation apps, Ready4 ACT that offers around 1,500 ACT questions, and detailed answers for each one of them. Each portion, including Reading, Math, English, and Science, has around 100+ flashcards. For this, the user needs to pay a fixed amount, that will depend on the area/ region that he/she is using the app from, to use the premium data. Plus, by filling in the information that is vastly related to learning, personal credentials, and college preferences, the application will help the student communicate with the ideal colleges/universities.

Along with this, the user can is eligible to get details like an average GPA and an average ACT score of more than 500+ colleges with the assistance of this app. Moreover, there is also a option to receive updates on events, programs, and end dates of filling data of these universities.

Important features:

  • Inventory of questions

  • Mock tests

  • Flash cards

  • Comprehensive outcomes 

Learning Managing Systems

Have you ever heard about the CMS, oh yes, you must be aware of this term! Similarly, LMS is learning management system, this allows the teachers/instructors/parents to share video and text content files to the targeted learners. The students just need to use the data provided by their instructors to make the best use of the content. Here, the free plan comes with access to 50 active devices in addition to push notifications. The number of devices and other access can be increased or altered with several other or annual plans.

Important features:

  • Assessments 

  • Regular assignments

  • Course creation

  • Collaboration

Traditional Games can be Helpful!

The things that differs the Scrabble game from its offline portion is a vital feature that shows the ideal words that a learner could have used as a result it helps the learners to strengthening and improvise the vocabulary. The app enables a learner to play a game with Facebook friends, random online opponents, or a computer. In Speed Play Mode, you will see that each player gets a fixed time duration during his/her turn.

Important features:

  • Virtual board games 

  • Story lines

  • Multiplayer gaming 

Memorization Apps for a Win-Win Situation!

This award-winning excellent app offers brain games specially designed in partnership with the researchers from Cambridge university and NYU. The app allows the user to challenge his/her friends after learning the categories he/she wants to ace in. Additionally, the premium version is loaded with excellent brain storming modules, detailed insights, and a personal trainer for better trainer. 

Important features:

  • Set the labels

  • Performance graphs

  • Multiple games 

  • Initial and self evaluation

Skill Based Online Courses

With the excellence in 2000 + courses, EDX is one of the great apps for MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). In this, the huge portion of course materials could be used for free of cost. The user needs to make online payment only to get a certificate or while admitting in the degree course. The online discussion is a virtual forum that allows a user to communicate and interact with different students.

And for a fact the self-accessed courses on this application let the learners/students  leanr from the videos whenever they want, with a advantage to download for offline assistance. Examinations, tests and assessments and text-based content data and resources are also added in the course.

How these Apps can Help Users?

To cope up with the evil effect of this pandemic, the companies and academicians are moving towards the application because it offers various benefits to its users. Here is a list of some of the necessary benefits of using a mobile app for education. Here, the mobile app development company plays a vital role in developing the education as it is one of the most demanding application. If you are looking to get your app developed, share your requirement with us. Rest, we will handle everything for you!