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Attention, Don't Miss Out These Points When Creating an App for your Business!

Attention, Don't Miss Out These Points When Creating an App for your Business!

Have you ever had a thought back to look or even think as to why a lot of applications that tried to surpass WhatsApp messenger bombed badly and disappeared? There are billions of apps like that. You know what! Let’s try to analyze your own sector. Most of the applications or systems that you are using on a regular basis would have thousands of other competitors (most of them being out of the league) trying to reach at least half the market potential of that app. Even the best of apps would make you feel a little dissatisfied at times and you’d always feel the need for extra features to be present within that app.

Design Thinking 

In order to create a perfect app is a very big task that can be made easy by using ‘Design Thinking’. NO, this is not agenda to promote ‘Design Thinking’. Moreover, it’s simply more impact than most other methodologies because of its humane process that keeps the end-user at the center of the problem-solving process while creating anything. This isn't all, it originated from designers and design schools, it can be applied to almost all the major areas that deal with or involve humans.

In addition to that, there’s no rule or definite pattern when it comes to design thinking. But in order to introduce this process to beginners for them to understand and learn it, the whole concept can be boiled down to five basic actions i.e. to empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. This is not at all a linear process and will have to be followed up until you meet the desired result (do not panic, it’s not even half as hard as it seems). Just as you can see, ‘empathy’ is what marks the beginning of this process. What’s more powerful than the bond formed through empathy!

Breaking Down the Budget

Do you know that one of the most necessary aspects of any business is budget and this is where many organizations fail because their budget lacks defined planning and execution. In all the past few years, I have noticed so many clients complaining that they’ve run out of finances and that they can now unfortunately not continue with their project. And instantly, the situations like these turn out to be real pain for developers too. We get attached to projects without a clue that they’d soon be orphaned. This is the reason I would like to recommend the “30-30-30” rule.

Here, you can Invest only 30% of your total budget into designing and developing your MVP. The other 30% can be wisely divided for testing, deployment and market analysis of the MVP. The rest 30% will help you create the tried and tested app (we can call it version 1.0) that would get you to the place you wanted to be, successfully. That’s all folks!

Nevertheless, you might have already judged my calculation skills because what I said only adds up to 90% and you now must be wondering what to do with the rest 10% you are left with. Honestly speaking, do save as if your life is depended on it. This will come useful in case of errors or hiccups and if there aren’t any then you have saved 10% before anything!

Test Till They Trust!

Fortunately, you can trust your eyes, you read it right! Till they (the users) are happy with the app. The purpose here is not just to make it accessible, but it is mainly to make it usable and connectable. Well, this is how ‘User Experience’ i.e. UX came into life. It is the UX that decides your app’s usage time. So, how do you make sure that the UX is just right? This can be done by simply following the ‘design thinking’ standards and by ensuring that everything’s in the right place. Additionally, Testing is a on going task that will keep carrying out until the users start trusting the application and even then in a proper way to maintain that trustworthiness.

Wrapping up!

All these points that have been stated above are really necessary and if you carry the process correctly, will lead you to build a system that not only works but is also accepted wholeheartedly by your users. Development is a regular process of improvement that marks its step by step improvement and probably that’s why it’s called Development. Well, in the end, this might seem like a long blog to you but this is just the tip of an iceberg. And its a vast subject to talk about! There’s so much more that happens within fine mobile app development companies. You can always know about our processes by simply asking us how we work. Now it’s your turn to let us know yours. Do let us know about your take on this via phone or mail.