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Tips to Get the App Store Approval for iOS App

Tips to Get the App Store Approval for iOS App

So, you have created an iOS app. Sounds impressive! What started as a sketch on paper has transformed into a great app you take immense pride in.

You have what it takes to build a great application, hoping that the Apple App Store will accept it. 

Although creating an app seems like a piece of cake, getting it approved from the app store may not seem easy.

You dedicate a countless number of hours to creating, designing, and testing a great iOS application only to realize later the Apple App Store would not approve of it. 

You fix every bug you come across while testing the app in every device.

But it does not do any good. Why? 

All the hard work, efforts, and hours building an app go futile.

That unwanted single move taken by the app store can transform your app into a nightmare before you even know it.

Fret not! You can still make the team behind the app store appreciate the thoroughness and efforts you dedicated in building an app. You need to ensure they fall in love with your iOS application the minute they get on with its testing.

All it takes is to follow the right and effective strategies that will work in your favor when it comes to having your app accepted.

In this blog, we are going to make you learn how exactly you can get your iOS application accepted.

We will share tried-and-tested tips so you can not only create your app hassle-free but also get the desired approval. After all, who does not want to land that wanted spot in the app store?

1. Learn from the Developers’ Past Mistakes

It is not uncommon for developers to make mistakes while building an app for the Apple App Store. Knowing the most common mistakes developers make in the app building process is of paramount importance. 

When you avoid these downsides, you can look forward to getting your app stand out from the crowd. Once it rises above the rest, it will get accepted. Furthermore, Apple publishes the biggest reasons why apps get rejected in the first place. 

Make sure you review their app approval guidelines. Their past historical trends will keep you aware of which apps get approved and which don’t.

2. Keep it as Simple as Possible

Keeping this simple, when trying to get app store approval, is one of the most effective things you can do. Make sure you offer it the most basic functions when submitting it for the first time. It should not be some kind of a gimmick that minimizes the chances for approval.

Undoubtedly, the initial app submission is one of the most challenging phases, aside from being the longest one. When your app is given a green light, it makes it way to the App Store. Subsequently, managing future app updates becomes a lot easier. However, it is practical to keep every advanced feature reserved for later release.

3. Simplify Information

Entered your app details in the app store? If so, ensure that you enter all the required details precisely. Every single detail should be filled out with no scope of error, or even leaving out even one of them. It is good to simplify every required detail as much as you can. 

Some of the most vital things you need to key in comprise of the following:

  • Name, contact, telephone/mobile number and email ID
  • The APIs used and their description
  • Whether images or icons used and if they are used in other apps
  • Links to external websites (wherever necessary) with a description (if needed).

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4. Accurate Description

There is no question that the description is one of the most crucial elements of your iOS app. App review looks for an apt description that helps users understand what the app is all about. Not only the description but screenshots should unmistakably and precisely convey the purpose and functionality of your iOS application.

5. Quality Matters a Lot

If you want the Apple App Store to accept your app, you won’t even think of presenting something of awkwardly low global standards to iOS. ‘Quality’ is a protocol you cannot think of compromising with, as it can make or break your app.

Your product should give quality assurance and compliance with the standards of the Apple App Store. Apple is surely the topnotch app marketplace in the mobile industry so you cannot afford to present an app laden with bugs or glitches. 

To have the app store accept your app in the first place, make sure you thoroughly test the app yourself. Not only should it be bug-free, but it should also function flawlessly. 

6. Fix Bugs and Crashes

Did you know that 25% of app rejections happen because apps are incomplete?

Make sure your app is 100% complete before you submit it to the Apple App Store.

Regardless of the type of app, you have, testing the app is of paramount importance. This is only to gain App Store approval but to ensure its future success as well. 

Ensure that you test your app on as many devices and platforms as possible before submitting it. Don’t forget to fix bugs and taking care of unwanted crashes.

7. Ensure Your App is Useful and Relevant 

Your app must be useful and relevant to a broad population. If Apple finds that it is targeted only to a specific or limited audience, it will not be approved. You are definitely going to have a hard time if your app is only targeted to a local pickup baseball team.

Having your app submitted to the app store is more like taking a driving test. If you fall outside of the scope and end up making errors – you will probably fail. You can rest easy knowing that every app developer has faced rejection before. However, it can be utterly frustrating and demoralizing. There are some important tips that you must take into account when trying to get app store approval for your iOS application. Contact us to “Hire ios developers or programmers at appbiz360”.