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10 Reasons You Need Android Application Development for Your Business

10 Reasons You Need Android Application Development for Your Business

Modern companies nowadays are seeking for diverse ways they can adopt to make their presence felt into the digital world. That is the reason why several companies consider websites and mobile applications. There is no question that mobile devices have become so advanced that it seems we are carrying our mini computers in our pockets wherever we go. The increasing use of gadgets like smartphones and tablets has made more and more businesses invest substantially in mobile applications.

When it comes to building mobile applications, Android and iOS are the most extensively used and popular platforms. If creating your own mobile software is what you have in mind, using android application development services is a smart move. After all, who does want a user-friendly, robust, and error-free mobile application for their business? In fact, Android is the best platform you must go ahead with for an open source application.

In this blog, we will discuss ten reasons why incorporating Android application development into your business might be a good idea.

  1. Greater Market

Are you developing a mobile app for the masses? Or, you are creating games for the general public? No matter the reason, it is pretty reasonable to target the platform with a high number of mobile users. One of the most evident advantages of Android operating system (OS) is it has already established its dominance over the global market. In fact, this OS is available on the mobile devices on the majority of vendors, which tend to a lot more reasonable in terms of price compared to iPhones. So the Android has successfully managed to retain 70-80% of the global   share.

There are several various ways in which a product for Android mobile devices can be deployed; hence, it allows brands to target and reach customers through a multitude of channels. Aside from Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, MoboMarket, and several other third-party app marketplaces, they can easily create sales and distribution channels. Also, it leads to enhanced flexibility for promotion purpose that could possibly lead to less competition – in contrast to Apple’s App Store that a large number of established organizations seem to dominate.

  1. Open Source

While many businesses rely on react native app development, one of the greatest advantages to considering Android application development is it is open source. Apart from being an open source platform, it is a fantastic technology framework offered by the Android community. Not only is it free to use, but it also enables you to make changes in the operating system the way you want.

People who are accustomed to using their smartphones the way they want, look no further than using bespoke ROMs. Or, they create their own tailored ROM. Since Android is an OS easily accessible to all, there are countless customized ROMs available on the market, and people use custom ROM to make their mobile devices behave the way they want. So, what you get is an advantage of open-source.

Users generally prefer software (free) and operating systems, and Android is one such free operating system, which several smartphone manufacturers place greater emphasis on. So, it is evident that you will get that benefit.

  1. Customizable User Interface

A good and effective user interface (UI) plays an imperative role when it comes to the success of any mobile application. If you are thinking of using iOS app development services for your platform, you will probably switch to Android application development to create an application which is not only easy to use but can be customized as well.

Google lays great emphasis on the ability of users to talk into their own application interface, which happens to be one of the top advantages of Android application development. Users prefer personalizing their applications, and for Android app development, this process has become seamless.

  1. Profitability

If you are looking to add your app to Google Play Store or Amazon, you would be amazed to know that Android operating system (OS) makes almost the same amount of money as Apple does. In fact, Android apps are at par with iOS apps in a variety of categories available, which is true in case of initial app downloads and in-app purchases.

Android larger user base can easily support an application with enhanced ad revenue. Furthermore, you won’t have to spend much on advertising. Considering this, you can advertise to a large number of people using Android devices compared to Apple users.

When it comes to application distribution, Android developers need to pay a one-time registration fee. Then they can develop and test the product on any mobile device and computer. That way, it ensures low investment and enhanced engagement among users. And end users will get a high-quality product and business will get a higher ROI.

  1. Simple Integration

The integration process can be aggravating for diverse businesses. While some businesses may want an upgrade in their existing mobile application, there are others that may be looking for something more intricate in nature. With development of an app using Android, clients can enjoy every single customization benefit that come with this unique and robust platform. In fact, an Android app is one of the most practical solutions for all those businesses that are looking to evade a number of issues with regard to integration.

What makes the integration easier and effective is that background processes are allowed to occur. The app created using Android can be tweaked according to the client’s specific requirements. Also, making changes (if required) is extremely simple.

  1. Innovation Supporting

Known for innovations, Android often adds the latest features on its operating system: Android. So, this OS always encourages cutting-edge features as well as applications. If you are already working on something groundbreaking, then you might get the support from Google. And if your app is innovative, then Google might take a step further to offer you a tremendous amount of support to modernize on Android.

Google always employ new functions in the operating system and new and exciting features are added to the Android development studio. Keeping this in mind, the users can implement such features to create something advanced for the users.

  1. Access to Multiple Sales Channels

Have the applications been completed? If so, then clients do not have to count on a countless number of sales channels for their distribution. Third-party applications have gained immense popularity.

If any client is looking to establish distribution channels of their own, this plan can very well be executed. And once it is developed, it can be published in any way preferred by the client. That allow the business to select the promotional channel, which best complements with their existing strategies. There is no such thing known as “one size fits all” sales channel. When you use Android application development services, it presents a gamut of options to the client.

  1. Easy to Integrate

Are you looking for a user-friendly and personalized platform to interact with your customers? Want to increase the popularity of your business? No matter the reason, then building an Android app will be your best bet. The whole Android platform is ready for personalization. You can always incorporate and transform the mobile app according to your business requirements.

  1. Google Play Store

Users can access apps and games added to Google Play Store within hours. On App store, any app will take days to be approved. Google Play enables developers to push updates within 20 minutes to a couple of hours. That makes this operating system more compatible with new apps and games that the developers might need to fix, polish and not to mention, update a couple of times in a day as and when they receive a response from the user. Moreover, it allows one to upload the apps directly onto the personal devices of the developers – to test or play with (free of charge).

When you have a product on Google Play Store, it places your brand into Google’s app indexing library. App views can always convert to site page views, and each click on the app turns to a click either on your home page or landing page. If there are more clicks on your app, it will become more popularity.

  1. Evolving Platform

Are you aware of the fact that Android is still an evolving platform? Several trusted and renowned companies like Samsung build Android mobile devices. They keep introducing and adding new and innovative features so they can stand out from the crowd amid cut-throat competition, and the community of Android developers swiftly adapts to them.

The decision about whether to develop a product for Android or Apple depends on the diverse needs of your business. It is essential to consider the project timeline and budget before you choose to embark on an app development journey. If you are still unsure how and where to start, appbiz360 – a top company for hybrid app development services – can get you started. We can help you build a user base and generate revenue for your Android project.