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Our ingenious appbiz360 tookit has been designed with the goal of helping businesses acquire & retain more users for their mobile apps by effectively detecting, analyzing & addressing field & security issues. The tookit comprises of:


fimo360 facilitates easier detection & analysis of certain field issues, while enabling startups to ensure minimal security measures the app may stumble upon in the real world scenario.


engager360 is an amazing tool in the arsenal of appbiz360 toolkit that mobile app startups can use for increasing their user acquisition as well as retention rate.

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The appbiz360 toolkit is a boon for startups struggling to achieve greater user acquisition & retention for their mobile apps. While fimo lets you keep a close watch on various field & security issues faced by mobile apps in the real world, AcquiXure facilitates user acquisition for startups in minimal to zero cost. It lets you track user behavior, active/inactive status, Life Time Value (LTV), and install/uninstall tracking, and more.

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Countless startups have already benefitted from appbiz360 toolkit. Please take a look at the amazing statistics about appbiz360.


Datepoints per day


Notification per day

2.1 X

Higher Conversion Rates


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Take Your Mobile App Startups to Another Level of Success with appbiz360

With appbiz360, you can ensure the success of your mobile app startup by closely monitoring the performance of your mobile app in real world. It’s a powerful tool that lets you detect, analyze and address various field & security issues and, therefore tackle the user acquisition & retention issues. The four essential components of the toolkit include: .

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