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Beer Buddy

Beer Buddy – Helping Beer Connoisseurs Locate the Nearby Beer Bars & Parlors

What Was Required?

The client needed a web app using which beer connoisseurs can locate the beer bars and parlors in their proximity.

What Did We Do?

We took the time to thoroughly understand the client’s requirements and specifications to be able to do complete justice to the client’s expectations. Our developers made use of their extensive experience of working on similar domains in the past and came up with an amazing app that made the client very happy. We used the following technologies for this project:

  • Country


  • Services

    Beverage Serving

  • Industry

    Restaurants & Bars

  • Technology

    Android, iOS, Backend

Our Process

Our web and app development process is highly sophisticated and we follow international quality standards & guidelines to ensure strict quality assurance. The process covers:

Project scope & timeline for appbiz360

The Challenge

The client had great expectations from us since the beginning and we did our best to exceed them all. Our dedicated and capable team of developers worked in close coordination with the client to deliver exactly what was required.

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More about Beer Buddy

Beer Buddy is a mobile app that allows beer lovers to search for the beer parlors & bars nearby their location. And, that’s not all! Users can conveniently connect with their friends and connections (buddies) who have already checked in to the beer parlor they also plan to visit. Furthermore, the app lets users send invitations to their buddies to join them and party together. In short, it provides a one-stop solution for beer lovers using which you can find nearby beer parlors, see the buddies who’ve also checked in, invite other buddies, and more.

  • Frontend

    iOS and Android

  • Web-Application

    HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery

  • Back-end

    Python, Django, Django REST

  • Database


  • Cloud Platform

    Amazon Web Services(AWS)