How to Grow Your Mobile App Business Post COVID-19?

Startups and small businesses are being badly affected by the Corona virus attack on global economies – some are struggling while others have crumbled. If you own a business and are also on the same boat, this e-book from Ram Garg is a must-read for you.


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A Word from the Author

A Word from the Author

“The global pandemic has taught us some really tough lessons for a lifetime and relying solely on the conventional and traditional ways of businesses is one of these new learnings. While many startups and small businesses are quickly jumping to the online platforms and seeking mobile app development to boost their sales, market reach, and sales, they are oblivious of challenges lying out there. Are you also planning to venture into appreneurship? It is natural to get goosebumps on the thought of failure as your finances, reputation, and sometimes even life may be at stake. I’ve put together all my experiences, ups & downs, challenges, and how I overcame those challenges in this e-book. Hopefully, you’ll find it a good read! Happy reading!”

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