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iOS vs. Android: Which Platform is Best for Your Mobile App Development?

iOS vs. Android: Which Platform is Best for Your Mobile App Development?

How do you decide when developing an app is the right solution your brand needs to resolve a core business problem?  Well you need to determine the platform you want to develop on while preparing your technological specifications, but how do you decide which platform is right for your product?

With iOS and Android accounting for 97% of the mobile market share, developing and launching of mobile app development on both platforms is the ideal strategy. However, this is not always possible – time, budget and resources constraints will prevent you from designing for both OS simultaneously. You would choose to first consider launching on a single platform and then later adding a second platform.

Each platform has distinct benefits, so it is necessary to make adequate research to understand which OS suits the product objectives.

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What Is The Best Device For You And Your Business?

Consider these three things before you dive into one market or the other:

1. iPhone Applications Produce the Highest Income through In-App Purchases

While their market share could be smaller, mobile apps in the Apple App Store are generating more revenue than Android apps through in-app purchases. In reality, in December 2015 game applications alone produced revenues of over $1 billion.

This means that iPhone users have the greater chance of purchasing or upgrading to a premium subscription than Android users.

As Android App Development is rising, revenues produced from Apple's App store remain behind the apps—by 2016, Apple apps accounted for 75 percent more than apps generated from the Google Play Store. 

2. Emerging Markets Focus on Android vs. iPhone

When it comes to developing markets in Asia, Africa and South America, Android is comfortably in top spot and has much to do with costs and accessibility.

By the end of 2015, Android had an impressive 90 percent stake in Brazil and India.

Android devices in these countries are simply cheaper than iPhones.

An iPhone is almost four times more costly than an Android smartphone in many developing economies. When you look at the average income from these nations, why their residents switch to Android is not hard to see.

Taking into account how loyal mobile owners usually become, it's hard for Apple to contend with the early market dominance for Android.

3. Developing an iPhone App Is More Reliable

When you equate Android development with iOS App Development, compatibility and reliability are obviously the leaders.

Because Android is an Open-Source project, maintaining consistency across all devices is difficult. The compatibility is even more consistent with iOS, which usually works across all devices when you create something for one iOS device.

Alone this factor saves you a lot of headaches during the process of development.

Now Over To You

Our question is therefore: iPhone or Android? It's not a straightforward choice, considered all things. We would love to help you find out what is right for you and your business if you still have trouble choosing your sides.

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If you prefer Android App Development, iOS App Development or both, you need to develop an effective mobile strategy and also hire experienced android and iPhone app developers that aims to achieve results because the app world is extremely competitive.

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